As the COVID-19 global health pandemic shook the world and caused widespread panic, governments worldwide imposed a lockdown to contain the respiratory virus’s spread, and hardly any sector was left unaffected. People working in the music industry were also affected, as Jack Fulton Smith, a member of Idolising Nova, a pop band based in the United Kingdom, explained. In Jack’s words, “I lost all motivation to push myself and succeed. My band and I had big plans for the year, including a tour to the UK and Europe with a major record label. With the worldwide lockdown, all our plans went out the window.”

Jack Fulton Smith is the lead singer of Idolising Nova, a celebrated pop band in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and other parts of Europe. Many of Jack’s songs, performed by Idolising Nova, have topped the charts on UK’s national radio and television. In 2018, Idolising Nova worked alongside The Vamps on their European tour to entertain more than three thousand fans and music lovers.

As the world adjusts to the new normal in the wake of the pandemic, Jack found a way to reinvent the path to achieving the band’s goal, providing maximum entertainment to their fans. He spurred his bandmates on, encouraging them to start working on new music. Jack and his bandmate went a step further to engage their fans as live concerts were not happening. Idolising Nova’s growth is especially noteworthy as the leader of the band, Jack Fulton Smith, does not have any prior experience being a part of a musical band. Despite that, he has kept the band relevant among fans and music lovers by writing most of the songs, handling the band’s day-to-day activities, and actively seeking opportunities for the band.

Now, as Jack Fulton Smith looks to the future, he looks forward to keeping the audience entertained, growing his brand bigger, and signing a deal with a major record label. He has also renewed his resolve to help upcoming artists and bands navigate the musical scenes by encouraging them to embrace changes while remaining positive and focused on their ultimate goal.