Have you been tasked with the responsibility to plan the next work party? Worried you’ll end up throwing an event that no one’s interested in attending? Not only will you need to appeal to executives and coworkers, but there’s also the pressure of social media to deal with. If you’re going to score points and make it a night to remember, you should start with the perfect theme.

A Blast From the Past

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? You could really hit it off big with your peers by throwing a retro party. You can choose your favorite era or go with the decade your company was founded in. Was your company founded in the 50’s? If so, you could pull out the retro record player and set the scene to a retro drive-in. If your company was founded in the 80s, you’ll have no problems with getting staff involved as everyone loves wearing big hair, denim leggings, leg warmers, and whatever other cool fashions they can find from back then. You could set the scene like a traditional 80s party or senior prom to really see everyone’s creativity come out.

A Tropical Oasis

If there’s one thing everyone attending this office party can agree on, it’s the need for a vacation. You may not be able to afford to take the entire team to a beautiful Hawaiian or Caribbean Island for fun and adventure but you can bring the islands to them.

Great for an outdoor event, you can let your imagination run as far as you’d like. Decorate using tropical colors and vibrant hues of green and blue to give off an ocean vibe. As a cuisine, you might serve food hot off the grill. A laid back dress code, tropical drinks (virgin if necessary), and a great DJ and you’re sure to get a good pat on the back.

Casino Royale

Another popular office party theme is the casino. Everyone loves the thrill of trying their luck so why not make a night of it? You’ll need to rent out a venue with a lot of space. You can set up tables using hired dealers or employees with a few popular card games like 21 and Texas Hold ‘Em. You’ll also need a few waitresses to keep the drinks coming, a live band for entertainment, and an assortment of delicious appetizers to keep their tummies full.

A Day at the Carnival

The carnival brings back childhood memories for everyone. The thrill of the rides, the competitive games, and the sometimes greasy but amazing food puts a smile on anyone’s face. Create a carnival theme for your next office party. Set up booths for fun games, bring in a cotton candy and funnel cake maker, and serve burgers and hot dogs.

Planning an office party is stressful. Not only do you want to make sure that you have all the details right, but you want to make sure that it’s one your guests will enjoy. The right theme helps to set the tone for the event and can turn a drab office party into an amazing event everyone loves.