Today, thinking and writing about it makes me more excited to dive deep into medicine science whether it’s integrative or conventional medicine, at least satisfied to know, there’s a more of a conceptualized personalized approach which does its work within a patient and mainly that persons centered approach and its further development is crucial.

As we all are aware of and know about the typical approaches and processes and the same way, doctors diagnose their patients applying that disease-centered approach to treat their patient’s pain and bacteria caution disease. But at today’s time, the way functional medicine is being involved in practice by general practitioners and neurologists across some nations, and still it’s not that renowned medical system across the world. Functional medicine has been introduced since in 1990’s to give the patients that desired impact through an alternate but extra-ordinary benefit introducing a whole health regime solving the underlying root causes of the disease.

The main issues or reasons which initiate the problem of acute diseases are obviously dealt with accurate supervision matching he relevant medical drugs with the symptoms as one of the ways of diagnosis. But when the issue of chronic disease or condition arises, generally doctors give the necessary medications and treatment after a complete check-up. But, in the case, when functional medicine is being brought up to the scene, it lays more attention to completely cure the chronic illness of a person, in a new way, treating a person as a whole, and literally taking into reference his/her environment, lifestyle and genetic factors to grip up on that important part, where the problem lies or originated from.

While practicing functional medicine, every functional medicine practitioner, talk to their patient about any medical history and about their health issues in detail and keep them on the desired treatment to start eliminating the underlying causes of their chronic illnesses and gradually minimizing the place for another medical health challenge.

The diagnosis which
lies under functional medicine using a patient-centered approach try to know
the physiological factors being the main cause of any dysfunction or impairment
in body system resulting in going out of whack. Functional medicine
practitioners know very well that treating the disease
to the core, and reaching to its roots causes not only prevent predictive
chronic symptoms in a person but is a key
to the overall optimal health of a

But for its successful implementation all over the world. Firstly, the initial concerns regarding this emerging as a whole new medical system needs to be clarified. As I am talking about Functional Medicine as a different way of gaining your worth health, this system is still to be known by many to have a new perspective regarding going on health treatments. The rising initial concerns of people regarding functional medicine usually involves:

1. Functional Medicine uses an approach exaggerating about lifestyle and diets, but the doctors practicing have less knowledge about ‘Diets’:

· Functional Medicine practitioners mainly talk to their patients laying importance to their diets, because whatever we intake, in our bodies affects the mood, helps in making new cells, covering up the nutrient deficiency. If the food can fuel up our bodies, likewise, it can also cause inflammation in our bodies by some improper consumption of foods. So it’s necessary to have a healthy diet in routine along with supplements prescribed by a functional medicine doctor.

2. People who came to know about functional medicine as an alternative treatment tends to take every therapist or naturopath as well trained “functional medicine doctor”:

· Yes, some aspects of Functional Medicine work same as what is regarded as ‘self-healing’ in naturopathy. Though, it doesn’t make all naturopaths like Masters in Functional Medicine. Every trained Functional Medicine Practitioner becomes worth when gets successful results of his/her patients while holding of experience.

3. Considering Functional Medicine is again the addition of more pills in our medical kit and is more expensive:

· Functional Medicine is an alternate system of diagnosis involving more of natural treatments to fix the actual root cause of the disease, which of course involves some supplements to be taken to heal the symptoms, not like medications creating side effects further requiring more medicines to get fine, well your health is more precious than any wealth.

4. The major problem about functional medicine is that it lasts for live long:

· Diagnosis and treating the major symptoms or root cause will obviously take time. It mainly depends on the condition of the patient and how chronic the disease has grown into it wouldn’t be taking more than three years to fix the actual cause to get you back on toes. But still, you need to maintain your health for functioning even better in future.

These were some particular concerns of people who have till now came across through the concept of functional medicine. Recently, I have studied more about the functional medicine and how it works differently from that of traditional medicine being used today. More broadly, one can know about it through the website of ‘Institute of Functional Medicine’ and even more detailed with its initiator, founder and medical director of UltraWellness Center, Dr. Mark Hyman who believes and is on his way to prove through his years of experience that ‘Functional Medicine is the ultimate cure for health care crisis in present time.’ However, this new medical approach is being studied and researched upon from many doctors, neurologists of the time and is followed by then into their clinical treatments and found many illnesses eradicate within a minimum time period of three years.

The idea of functional medicine came into movement when it soon came into the realization that ‘persons suffering from the same health conditions, been driven into them by two or more different set of causes’ and each cause has different cure or treatment to be dealt with. When at the times, these causes come in the cases of autoimmune diseases or even chronic diseases, it has been up till now impacting a person’s immune system, mood disorders, intolerances, and insensitivities related gut problems. It’s like one has never taught of these different causes depicts the same symptoms for long time affecting that person. The key point about functional medicine is treating a person keeping in mind his/her individual differences and how differently their body reacts to it.

Doctors who all have been practicing functional medicine are getting more positive with this new approach to diagnosing people optimally and making indeed encouraging them to take an active part throughout their health journey. Functional medicine practitioners started realizing that this system is a strategy for prevention and treatment of an overall health condition and could give relief to an unnecessary distression caused to a person’s health.

I would like to say that “Functional Medicine” should be at the forefront of any health system and it can transform the overall health of a person in the long run and its future is for sure. The things which I am going to discuss now, we’ll have to agree what we feel incomplete till now gone through journey regarding our health.

1. We people from the past years, are becoming more health conscious, on a continuous basis and keeping ourselves well informed about various health interventions and taking relevant precautions but still, health goes down regarding heart disease, immunity, and brain health.

2. Secondly, an important fact, for correcting various health problems, supplements and medications are given, but the medicine course still gets increased as the side effects of any medication grow. Medication is, of course, necessary to subtle the debilitating health. But through functional medicine, there are more alternative ways and better options for which medications are not so necessary.

3. People thinking healthy food intake is a way to a healthy gut, but how many still believe on that, as it’s not the way of expression through modern medicine, since the pharmaceutical industry is still the ‘ringmaster’. Functional medicine not only lays emphasis on food but also keeps a check on the biochemistry of the person as per the different nutritive value demanded by the person’s health.

4. So quickly, the world is changing and this transformation is in itself gradually gaining the outcome that our DNA or our genes are not always the cause of our disease or determines our health. In fact, it all depends on our choices, whether it is related to lifestyle, environment, sleep patterns, stress levels, ultimately these are the factors which activate the disease genes if one is having. It’s not necessarily, the fault of genes, since the beginning.

These are the reasons why functional medicine paves out a way for its patients to ultimately become self-conscious towards every factor affecting health.

This new approach and application of functional medicine believe that lifestyle, environmental exposures (toxins), stress levels, genetic factors, person biochemistry, they all are the underlying root causes of a disease which happens to a person. Functional medicine is best for those suffering from chronic as well as an autoimmune disease. As it empowers a patient to take control of their health.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is the biggest reform, yet the upcoming future.


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