Why should women be investing in women? And why is funding more women going to save our planet?

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at the Delthorne Women Tedx Event during covid. The talk entitled Fund Women- Save the World, is about why women need funding, the reasons we are so underfunded, how we will solve this problem! Since we get less than 3% of venture capital funding- we must level the playing field!

As a serial entrepreneur for most of my life, I know all too well how underfunded women are, and why this is important to our future. As an award winning producer, I do believe it is film and television that shape culture, and it is why TV and film will educate and inspire people to get behind female entrepreneurs. That is why I am launching the film series SHE ANGELS online January 16th- as it captures our SHE ANGELS pitch fest and the journeys of the women business owners who were the recipients of funding and mentorship. We feature the female angel investors who get behind them and coach them- to inspire audiences to get involved in the exciting world of funding breakthrough ideas of female entrepreneurs!

As I mention in my Tedx Talk, there are many reasons for this inequity. One main reason is we simply do not have enough female angel investors and not enough female decision makers in the venture capital world.

Why is this important? Because people tend to invest in people they identify with. And since the majority of the the funding decision makers are white men, that is who are the majority of the recipients. Thus we need more women in the funding world.

As we know, many inventions through out history that have helped change the world have been created by women. Just this week, Dr Kizzmekia Corbett was sited by Dr. Fauci as being one of the women involved in the development of the Moderna vaccine for covid. And of course, we have modern day xrays thanks to two time nobel prize winner Madame Curie. Plus the electric refrigerator, the car heater and central heating were all invented by women- just to name a few women founded groundbreaking ideas.

According to the Dalai Lama- the Western Women will save the world. If you are a women who wants to help that mission come to fruition- look into angel investment groups like Golden Seeds and learn more about becoming an angel investor. Or research venture capital groups like Backstage Capital and get involved with them. These groups focus on funding women!

Let’s level the playing field and forge ahead and until women are getting their fair share of funding- which is 50%! Not 2%. Right ladies?! We got this!

Catherine Gray Founder www.SheANGELinvestors.com