Funding U: A New Company Changes the Funded Trading Game

It is impossible to ignore the endless cycle of stock market and investing related news over the last year and a half. Financial markets have always been an important topic of discussion, but the pandemic created a new frontier of investors looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s curious teenagers searching for their first income stream or bored Baby Boomers hoping to grow their retirement assets, people of all ages and backgrounds are flooding the markets with their hard earned capital, and often losing it.

What if there was another way to trade a sizable account, without the daunting risk of blowing all your money? Look no further than the revolutionary, new company, Funding U.

What is Funding U?

Funding U is a company with a unique approach to funding traders. Most funding companies in the market only offer challenges that cost hundreds of dollars in entry fees for a demo trading account with a large balance. The retail trading industry has a notoriously low percentage of profitable traders. Failing several funding challenges costing hundreds of dollars with each try adds up fast! Recognizing the need for something different, Funding U was born.

Take the Funding U Challenge, pass, and they will reward their profitable traders with FULL sponsorship to cover the costs for them to take a $10,000 funding challenge! There are currently no other programs that give traders specific trading objectives with no upfront cost, or provide full sponsorship for successful traders.

What is the Funding U Challenge and How Much Does It Cost?

The Funding U Challenge is FREE and can be accessed by applying directly on the website This challenge is designed to simulate a live trading account and will allow the company to see which traders are worthy of financial sponsorship, helping them avoid paying hefty fees and losing their hard earned cash in the live markets. 

Funding U strives to create a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that encourages traders to experiment with a variety of strategies in real time market conditions until they pass the challenge. Upon successful completion of the Funding U Challenge, traders will be sponsored to take a live $10,000 USD prop firm evaluation, free of charge.

The Funding U process shows that the company’s interests are parallel to the interest of traders. Funding U only makes money when traders receive their first profit split after becoming a funded trader. All in all, it is clear that Funding U wants to see their traders succeed, and the only way to succeed is to fail many times at first. At Funding U, failing is free and the lessons you take away from each challenge will give traders a better understanding of where they went wrong and what to fix next time around.

I Want In! How Does It Work?

In order to enroll in the Funding U Challenge, apply on their website and learn more about the opportunity at Their availability is currently limited to a selected pool of applicants, but it does not matter the gender, nationality, or location of the trader. Funding U accepts applicants from all walks of life, over the age of 18.

If you are a trader looking to grow your income stream, but are struggling to afford the fees of prop firm funding challenges, start your journey with Funding U today!