We Must Enter a Time Where all who Wake will have Glorious Mornings

Good morning, this is a glorious morning isn’t it? Not truth for everyone, not for our entire world, not for those fighting for their lives, or simple freedoms, civil rights — human rights, but for those of us reading this — it is probable and reasonable to expect good to rise as we sip our morning coffee.

Faith — in Latin Bona fides means good faith. Fides, a word, feminine in nature that means trust, confidence, belief — it is a way of living. New for many of us, to think of it as a way of living in trust of each others inherent goodness. But we must choose to do so.

Our Faith in humanity, the trust we place in each other is our life’s preserver. Faith, our life-preserver, keeps us afloat while we wait for our ships to come in. We often think of our ship as a windfall, a lottery releasing us from some perceived struggle in life. A struggle in comparison to the way many people live on our planet, would wish to have.

But what ships are we waiting for? Friend-ship, Kin-ship, relation-ship? We are waiting for each other to arrive. We are waiting on assistance to help us navigate this stormy sea. Waiting on each other’s ability to act in accordance to the evolutionary laws of cooperation with compassion, coming to meet us — we are sure our ships will arrive because in our heart, we long for them.

It is also our civic duty to navigate our own ship to humanity port. Being willing to sail where we are needed and are in service to our collective and inherent good.

Everyone is needed. We are truly summoned to serve without expectation of personal gain, meaning we are, through our empathy and feeling of each others pain and suffering, asked to comfort and correct. Called to nurture something we can only feel — authentically though our vulnerability, to evolve into something beautiful and glorious — a new morning.

To become a glorious morning for all people.

With steadfast Faith — I believe in future generations. Their ability to lead us into a compassionate future is exampled everywhere. They hold the key, we pass the torch.

Last week, a young woman wrote a comment on one of my posts “I’m doing MY best to be the change I wish to see in the world and I will do everything in my power to keep finding the positive EVERYWHERE, including in the youth as I continue to grow older!”

This woman is our mustard seed in action. She is Faith personified, that just one person, can move us forward in kindness and inclusivity. Imagine a whole group of likeminded individuals and what they can do. Great things begin small!

Our teens and our twenty, thirty-somethings are boldly accepting and courageously loving — they are leaders of hope and possibility into probability — it is our responsibility is to listen with open hearts. It is our children raising awareness to form an inclusive future where we are all free.

So, we must be prepared to support the creation of this space for a peaceful inclusive civilization. We must offer our younger leaders dignity to rise in their intuition and have faith to act on behalf of their value and vision to move us forward — we must enter to a time where all who wake will have glorious mornings.

Originally published at yesrising.com on January 16, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com