This is a very special and exclusive interview with Olivia Molina part of a series of interviews with some successful personalities done by entrepreneur David Xavier Sanchez known as DAXSEN.

Olivia Molina is a young entrepreneur of 31 years old born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has founded different successful companies , traveled the world, had enormous success as an actress , she is also a published model and had dates celebrities and enjoyed a lavishing lifestyle.

1. Olivia, what could you tell us about Blue Ocean Services?

Blue Ocean Services was my first big business, it gave me residency in the United Arab Emirates, and it put me on the map. The name is named for the blue ocean marketing technique. You do not need a web page to make a successful company, we did our job so well that in a short time all the Sheikhs and VIPs were contacting us asking for our services. I had a great time putting together that company. It has an annual net profit of $ 500,000.

2. What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur?

The only challenge I had was when I moved from Argentina to Europe and it was difficult for me to open a bank account, but I solved it with time and effort.

3. What has been your favorite project in the business world?

My best project will always be Blue Ocean Services.

4. We see that you are a person who has settled in several cities / countries. Which are all of them? Are you planning to stay in California this time?

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Yes, I’ve lived in various places. Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Calgary in Canada, London in the UK, Cannes in France, Dubai in UAE, and travel everywhere.
Now I live in Los Angeles in the USA, but no, I don’t think I stay in one place, I like to travel and meet new places, I could never stay in one place.

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