South African actress Nicola Jackman, German Social Entrepreneur Torsten Kremser and Producer Ryan Christian are boldly co-creating their dream of “Thrivors“, a brand new Real Tv series set to uplift, inspire and enthuse hope en mass, in unusual ways.

They knew that going for the big unusual dreams, takes big unusual actions and so they started with actually making their own front cover of the New York Times. This is a huge milestone and dream come true for them – and when asked why they are making the headlines, Toto explained:

“It’s our future memory. We can see it clearly and created it for everyone else to see it too. It is actually dated October 20, 2020 and every time we see it, we are inspired to fulfill our dream.”

They literally started making headlines to show everyone that it’s possible to make big bold dreams come true and if you have a visible construct of your dream fulfilled, it will inspire you and your whole team to stay focused on achieving it. Toto adds:

“If we’re going to be in the news for anything, we want it to be for enthusing hope and thrive consciousness en-masse.”

The three of them are excited to co-create their unique Tv show and they have just launched their Kickstarter campaign to inspire all to support them. When asked about the name, Nikki explained:

“A Thrivor is a living example of someone who cares for our world, others and themselves simultaneously – we say they live in a WinWinWins way – a manner where they win, while others win, and our world wins simultaneously.”

They say their projects, the Story Of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus” and the accompanying Tv docu-series “Thrivors – 21 Days from Survive to Thrive” – are part of their intention of bringing enriching entertainment, that encourages self development and swiftly inspires a new thrive way of being. They are intent on showing everyone that there is hope, that we (humanity) can ALL individually tweak the old Survive paradigm and co-create the Thrive story together. Ryan adds:

“We are boldly inviting all those with a stand for a thriving, united, peace-loving world to join us – let’s tell this story together!”

It is a truly a bold maneuver and I encourage everyone to look at their Kickstarter campaign.