Futurism is workless as explosion of smart technologies will eventually remove all laborious-routine working  “manpower” and exclusively seek out creatively tactical maneuvering “humanpower” the new global-age workers worthy of special and advanced assignments demanding “creative and critical thinking, complex problem solving, and global age understanding of collaborations, with diversity, tolerance and mental endurance to manage all such tactically as an entrepreneurial warrior” The rest leftover “manpower” may be hired as slaves to robots. Currently, the rapid advancing power of technology not tabulated against critical lack of skills of working citizenry created only calls for trade-wars and conflicts as proof of lack of productivity and required competence to match global standards.

Technology is never to blame; political leadership in most developed nation addicted to oil and hype of globalization forget the human inter-phase with cyber-electro-ergonomics; human-performance advancements on higher plateaus with support of technologies but not replaced by dumb-down education absence of tactical training surrounded by fake media, therefore today, depression, stress and mental-health tops as major problem at work in Western economies, a perfect storm appears.

The March of Billion:

Come next 1000 days the global economic stress levels may force the march of the billions. Workless, jobless, and officeless, tired they march…never ever in the history of mankind assembled such number of once mighty, highly skilled, educated and experienced subjected to replacements by their own technological advances.

The power of artificial intelligence centric block-chain technologies over-taking most general office-routines and complex-procedural-decision-making options transform into split second clicks and blinks and slowly replacing some billion white collar workers, charted decade ago but now flooding skyscrapers, floor by floor. Billion horses ran on green pastures with advent of cars, now billion workers headed the same. However, in this chaos, lies some of the great opportunities to create healthy sound communities to bring in local grassroots prosperity.

Mankind has always survived; this is not the end this is a new beginning

Upskilling nation – fast tracks- blueprint: small medium enterprise revolutions: Nations can avoid restless citizenry and blowing winds of populism;futurism of ‘creating local grassroots prosperity’ divides into two distinct national mobilizations.  Firstly, creating skilled citizenry capable to swing with global-age demands and secondly, creating massive digitization of midsize economy to enable global-speed-performance to match trading with 100-200 nations. Nations with acquired mastery will thrive and lead; generational transformation at magical speed with full deployments of platform economy is a prerequisite.

Three Keys:

The Collaborative Microcosms; where economic progress comes around locally to ensure grassroots prosperity in shapes of fertilizing regional SME to their fullest potentials with massive use of free technologies.

The Population-Rich-Nations; once considered poor due to hungry mouths now each pair of legs with a mobile device is a potential enterprise center. Knowledge-Rich Nations have a tough climb unless they adapt global collaborative thinking and understand diversity and tolerance.

The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism; a world class global age strategy, as it’s time to awaken to digital platform economies and mobilize national SME under master plans. This new thinking has serious opposition on old blocks

Three Gatekeepers:

The Enterprises Groups: every nation is blessed with all sorts of founders, owners and entrepreneurs including senior management and therefore to thrive leadership must demonstrate expertise on digital platform economy because without being savvy how will they grow?  This is where small and medium size businesses stuck with internal digitization of operations challenges pushing decade old methods to expansion.

The Trade Groups: Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce helping vertical sectors in their own traditional ways spanning over decades but are such vertical trade groups able to showcase their membership in a grand way across the nation and global markets?

The Public Sector Groups: how government agencies not only fully digitized internally but also offering to all sectors of vertical businesses and exporting communities large scale options on Platform Economy thinking. If local governments were active and aggressive leaders they will not only boost national economies but also calm restless citizenry and avoid windy storms of populism.

Imagine Upskilling and Reskilling of billion working citizenry of the world, in next 1000 days

Identify 1000 to 1,000,000 SME in a region or nation need of global exposure or exportability
Start national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms to expand globally
Start a high level in-depth debate and discussion with authoritative knowledge and solutions
These are not new funding dependent, they are new-thinking hungry and execution starved…
So what’s stopping this?