On the latest episode of The Thrive Global Podcast with iHeartRadio, Thrive Global founder and CEO Arianna Huffington sat down with motivational writer, international speaker and author Gabby Bernstein to talk about everything from spirituality, meditation and self doubt to her phone habits, social media and finding happiness.

Bernstein and Huffington’s conversation happened to be on Bernstein’s four-year wedding anniversary, and she told Huffington that her relationship has changed dramatically (for the better!) thanks to one simple gratitude exercise.

Bernstein explained that she and her husband go back and forth saying what they’re grateful for about each other each morning.

“So imagine starting your day saying, ‘I’m grateful that you’re such a great cook.’ ‘I’m so grateful that you take such care of me.’ ‘I’m so grateful that you make me feel so good about myself.’ ‘I’m grateful that you booked a nice dinner reservation tonight,’” Bernstein said, adding that she and her husband did the exercise the morning of the podcast recording.

“It sets you up to win,” Bernstein said about the practice. She added that if she and her husband notice themselves slipping into a fight or a disagreement, “the way we get out is to start to play the appreciation game again and start to just appreciate, and appreciate, and appreciate more,” she said. She said that it’s an instant way to “get back into that momentum with each other.” 

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