Gabriel Terreal

Gabriel Terreal is a financial educator who mentors individuals on financial freedom and has come up with his first book in the series.

Gabriel Terreal, a Financial expert, mentor & coach, CEO of ‘How To Avoid Financial Birds of Prey’, is based out of Georgia and runs a financial literacy company. Learning from his own experiences, more so the wrong advice given by others, he decided to educate people through his books & live training. He has experienced a decade of learning the rights and wrongs of finance and has finally decided to help others grow in the right manner, and help them gain financial freedom.

Idea For This Book

Financial freedom, who does not desire it. We all do, right? Well, that is what this exclusive book is all about. ‘How To Avoid Financial Birds of Prey’ by author Gabriel Terreal talks about financial freedom and generational wealth in this book. 

Gabriel Terreal had heard enough people giving terrible financial advice. Finally, about a year ago, he came up with the idea to educate people for financial freedom. And thereafter, he set out to start a business in financial literacy. He started a company to enlighten people through books and live training sessions. He works to teach individuals about the power of credit, funding, life insurance, cryptocurrency, real estate, option trading, e-commerce & much more. Long list, right?

But the goal of Gabriel Terreal is to inspire others to reach their potential, with whatever they decide to do in life. The name of his book, brand, and business was literally created as ‘How to avoid financial birds of prey’ so that people can avoid falling prey. He also wishes that people aim for generational wealth and not limit themselves to personal wealth.

Gabriel has devised an entire learning module in such a way that ‘How to avoid financial birds of prey’ will be a book series. It will have several volumes just like Black’s dictionary. The book is enlightening for financial freedom.

The Divine Timing

Although Gabirel Terreal came up with the idea to educate people for financial freedom a year ago, the story of his personal brand started about a decade ago.  The seeds were sown when he used to make efforts for others, to help them build and cultivate their businesses, whether big or small.

Gabriel believes in constantly learning and practicing his beliefs. And this is what finally led to the book.

Does Gabriel think the book came a tad bit late? No, Gabriel in fact is a firm believer of divine timing. He believes that he is exactly where he is supposed to be today. He also believes that any advice to his former self is not required, because divine timing is in play.

He draws his inspiration from children and individuals who are left behind in life.

Gabriel believes that his readers are bound to find his book enlightening. Enlightening it is because after reading this book, the readers will not only gain knowledge and understanding regarding financial freedom, but also because no one will be taken advantage of anymore.

Gabriel also firmly believes that his peers & competitors aren’t sharing everything! As per Gabriel, they share just enough to catch the attention of their audiences. They do not say enough to help others to branch off and reach their maximum potential. That is why Gabriel emphasizes so much on generational wealth.

So, the only hope that Gabriel has is that everyone that encounters him or his literature, ‘Never quit working towards what you want to accomplish’.

‘Protect your nest’ is the motto of Gabriel. He hopes to inspire others to reach their maximum potential in whatever they decide to do in life.