If I asked you what task have you been putting off that you would rather do instead of preparing for an interview, what would you say?

Often, these are the answers I get:
Dentist appointment.
Paperwork that has piled up.
Sit in the long line at the DMV to renew my driver’s license.
Clear off the unused Apps on my iPad.
Rearrange my sock draw.


I also used to be able to come up with a long list of things I’d rather do than put myself out there and get ready for interviews. Thankfully, that changed when I discovered a method to make the preparation process more enjoyable.

Once I learned how to ease my stress and increase my clarity about interviewing, I began to look forward to sharing my professional value more. When my approach to interviewing changed, exciting opportunities began showing up.

Many past and present thought leaders in quantum physics, psychology, and personal development have noted that the energy we carry as we head into any experience matters. As an Interview Coach, I see tangible evidence of this play out time and again as my clients learn how to upgrade their interview skills. 

Whether we approach interviewing with negativity or positivity, our energy towards it has an impact on the outcome.

Many of us have been conditioned by previous experiences, society expectations, and other factors that make talking about our backgrounds, skill sets, and career goals feel highly uncomfortable. Interviews often send our system into a stress response. It is common for our brains to freeze up under the pressure that we feel when we need to express our professional value.

Sometimes our nerves get a hold of us unexpectedly and all of a sudden. This blocks a positive first impression and prevents a meaningful, professional connection from happening.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could quickly and easily bring up a powerful video on your phone or laptop that helps those butterflies in your stomach stop having such a big party?

Once you notice you are starting to feel anxious or stressed in any way about an interview, using guided meditation is a fast acting, reliable rescue remedy.

Here is a video that can serve as your go-to resource for shining in the hot seat every time. For the best effect, be sure to listen it when you are NOT driving or doing something that needs your full attention.

I created this video to infuse the stress-reducing practice of Reiki, color imagery, and affirmations together. This power combo guides you in transforming nervous and stressed energy into confidence and calmness so you can represent your best, authentic self.


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