Galuku Brings Affordable Eco-Friendly Solutions to the Table

Unfortunately, our hostility towards the environment is increasing proportionally with our technological advancements. This is why the global arena is in dire need of more businesses like ‘Galuku’, which uses coir fiber—coconut’s bi-product—to create environment-friendly products for daily use.

Galuku was established back in 1993 in Sydney Australia. The company operates under the Galuku Group. It was back in 93’ when Joe Davids and Andy Swan—the founders of the Galuku Group—were touring Sri Lanka when they stepped on a gold mine. The duo founded large quantities of coir peat being discarded. This very scene struck the co-founders with a brilliant idea of consuming this bi-product. Little did they knew that this small vacation would plow the seed for their impending multi-million dollar business venture. 

Joe and Andy began importing these vast amounts of so-called “waste” and began producing a wide range of products for a variety of different industries including industrial, pets, horticulture, food products, and hydroponics. One of the factors that have let the company grow exponentially is its constant focus on R&D.

Both Joe and Andy have always been big on research and development. Through the years, they have created a range of eco-friendly products that are perfect for use and applications. Among their initial uses of coir was in the growth of fruits and vegetables. This ingredient helps increase absorbency thereby allowing the plants to grow and reach their full potential. With benefits like biodegradability and a cost-affectivity, it did not take long for the horticulture industry to adapt to this ingredient.

Furthermore, the research efforts also led Galuku to form a novel solution that allowed plants to receive the optimum amount of water required for them to thrive. Just like other coir-based products of the company, this too is quite durable, not to mention pocket-friendly as well.

Toxic spills are yet another major issue in industrial sites. Galuku has created the perfect solution for this. Their award-winning product, SpillFix, is manufactured to ensure that it provides bio-filtration for sewage pump stations. Using coir as the core element in SpillFix also allows for easy disposal after use, thanks to its non-hazardous waste.

Joe and Andy’s venture has been thriving since establishment. Their coir-based products are an eco-friendly, cost-friendly, and easy to use products that industries have adapted to in the last few years. One of their most popular products serves the pet industry. Galuku has created greener alternatives for pet litter, nesting, and bedding. These pet products have received great reception by pet owners who can now showcase their care for the environment as well. Some of its most highlighted products include Critters Comfort—pet-bedding for smaller animals, Cats Comfort—safe and odorless cat litter box, and Pooch Comfort—pest-resistant dog beds.

The entire range of products produced across the multiple segments of Galuku is based on coir. In other words, for eco-friendly and affordable solutions, Galuku is the perfect company to opt for.