I never use my laptop or smartphone at night. No matter how much I feel that I need to. This stems from an experience that I had a few years ago. Binge watching movies and downloading games, I would report to the office where I was working with tired looking eyes and every afternoon would find my tears trickling down my cheeks. I also had this crazy obsession for online sports betting and had actually started a site where I helped people learn how to analyze the winning bets and I received a commission when they did win. Not that I was crying but the tears would just roll. I also felt eye fatigue looking at my laptop screen.

Then there was this old annoying lady in the office who everyday would meet me at the door and ask me where I spent the night. She thought that I had been drinking and I just wished that I never had to see her every morning. But she was always there greeting, “Morning Clement, did you have a good night? Did you spend it with friends?”

And everytime I had to tell her that I was working or playing a game and she never stopped asking the question.

Then one day, it was too much. There was a burning pain in my eyes. My head was spinning and I could just not stand looking at the computer screen. So, the old lady turned out to be my savior. Seeing that I was not well, she approached me and asked me if everything was alright. I told her no, my eyes were in pain. She asked why they were and I had to tell her how I spent sleepless nights playing games and watching movies.

“I knew there was something amiss. There had to be, she said”

She advised me to take a break from looking at computers in the night. And I obeyed her.

Today, I never touch any computer at night.