For Garrain Jones, the wake-up call to change his life came unexpectedly.

Before Garrain became a Transformation coach, running a seven-figure coaching business, spoken in over 32 countries across the world, and released his life changing book, he hit rock bottom. At 32 years old, he was living out of his car contemplating suicide. He was overweight, tired, broke and had no vision for his life. Everyone he thought who loved him turned their backs on him. At that time, he was insecure. He didn’t know how to love himself and couldn’t give the people in his life what they needed. He was devastated.

Garrain recalled one morning in his car when he broke down crying and thinking about his life. He felt ashamed; he thought about how his girlfriend left him and how his daughter had never looked up to him as a father. Garrain was always focused on what he didn’t want and kept attracting what he didn’t want.

But at that time, he finally understood what he wanted. He wanted to be healthy, happy, and be surrounded by nothing but people who lift each other up. He found out there is so much more to life than his situation. He knew he needed to do something to turn his life around.

A week later, at a gas station, he met a homeless man who said something to Garrain that would change his life forever. The homeless man told him this: change your life, change your mindset. At that moment, those words became a breakthrough for him. It started a philosophy that completely transformed his life.

Fast forward to today, Garrain is living the life that he wanted. He has gone from being homeless to becoming the CEO of his own seven-figure coaching and speaking business, traveling around the world, and a number one best-selling author on Amazon for his book called, Change your mindset, Change your life and. He is living proof that success comes to those who are willing to change the way they think about life, their situation, and themselves.

Not only has he been living this life he found on his own. He has been sharing that mantra to the world. Once Garrain changed his mindset, it changed his life, and he set out to share with the world how he did it. This gave him the ability to reach into the core of people and evoke their greatness, empowering them to discover it, use it and produce extraordinary results in their lives.

For Garrain, it’s not just about earning millions and becoming an entrepreneur. He has also committed to motivating and inspiring a call to action in millions of people, supporting them to change their mindset and change their lives just like he did. Garrain, himself, knows too well how it feels to be at the lowest point in your life, and he knows the “secret” to overcome it.

Garrain has come a long way since. It can’t be denied that he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and transformational coaches in the world. He knew it wasn’t gonna be easy, but with the right mindset, consistency, and hard work, he made it. And just like Garrain, you can too.