How Consultant Gary Finkelstein Mentors People to Think Like a G

Gary Finkelstein mentors people to Think Like A G. He has created a reputation, just by doing what comes naturally to him—coming up with innovative ways to grow. He’s found success in real estate and as a mentor to celebrities and CEOs looking to expand their wealth. His “financial” street smarts teach people to think, act, and grow their way to the life of their dreams. Bringing over $100 million in sales experience, there is only one Gary, and he teaches people to Think Like A G.

Gary is the heart and soul of luxury in South Florida as a top 5 producer and #1 Millenial agent in his state. With roots in Miami, he was an average student in high school, with no discernable direction. However, even as a high schooler, he knew how to hustle. In his spare time he would buy clothes from flea markets, then resell them at school. With his determination, integrity, and dedication, Gary learned that any profit from a sale is better than no profit. After he graduated, he studied business at the University of Florida. He returned home with a new business degree only to find a suffering job market. He did what he had to survive: sold sunglasses at a Sunglass Hut and even found times when he didn’t have a place to go home to. Eventually, he connected with someone who needed help selling a condo. Gary got himself licensed and was successful. After spending time learning the real estate market, he realized how valuable his mentors had been, and he began to return the favor. “Now everybody contacts me to mentor them. It’s crazy to me because I don’t realize what I do, I’m just the same guy I have always been,” he says.

Making things happen has always been Gary’s passion. But getting people to see the bigger picture can be a challenge. That is why he started buying property. He wanted an exit strategy out of real estate. Knowing what a good property is, it was a natural transition. Gary knows the importance of working with a goal in mind. Without goals, you are stagnant. But with clear, obtainable goals, you can achieve your dreams. His only fear is not being able to live up to his own expectations. Not being the man he wants to be. To overcome this, if you believe in yourself first and what you are selling, you will be able to convince others to do the same.

As more and more people contacted Gary for mentorship, he felt inspired to teach others to learn what it takes to adopt a growth mindset. Whether you are selling real estate or tires, it’s about promoting yourself to get business. You have to believe you are the greatest at what you do. Because whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right. You’ll find success as you accomplish your big and small goals. And you’ll also find you can do what you want when you want to do it. For Gary, he’s found success and freedom because he will never have someone micromanage him again. He has the power to pick and choose who he gets to work with.

What’s next for Gary? He plans to create BarkBoo, a natural alternative to synthetic material dog toys. He is also looking to list properties on Airbnb, as well as expand to Luxury Airbnb with The Manor Collection. And, he plans to expand his Think Like A G consulting. You can watch his inspirational videos on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram @thinklikeag.


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