hydration Gary Saitowitz

More than half of the body content is water. Water is known to boost immunity among people and combat the severity of seasons. It helps people to stay healthy. To allow your body to function smoothly, you must provide yourself the electrolytes found in water. You must boil the water before drinking, thereby destroying the germs and viruses and making water safe to consume. If you want to combat obesity, ensure that you drink water first thing in the morning. Water is also an essential detoxifier as it washes away all the toxins of your body. It is a crucial element to combating the covid-19 infection as it is a respiratory element.

Gary Saitowitz points out the following advantages of consuming water during the outbreak of pandemic and seasonal infections

Drinking water boosts the digestion process

Digestion issues are common among people during seasonal changes. Studies have proved that consumption of water is directly proportional to your digestion process. People struggling with excessive weight gain must consume a glass of warm water. Warm water helps in the washing of excess fat from the inner walls of the intestine. Many people drink warm water regularly on an empty stomach, thereby flushing out all the toxins.

Water act as a protective shield

During seasonal changes, it is common for cold and flu. Research proves that warm water plays a crucial role. It soothes the throat and chest, thereby acting as a shield to combat further congestion. Since the novel coronavirus attacks the immunity and the respiratory tract drinking warm water is the ideal remedy to combat the harmful disease. Drinking warm water helps to get rid of mucus from the respiratory organs. Consuming mom water helps to fight seasonal cold and gives relief to the congested chest.

Water aids in the improved circulation of blood

The Nervous System plays a critical role in the human body. It is necessary to ensure smooth blood circulation within the nerves. Water provides the required hydration to the body, thereby improving the nervous system, says Gary Saitowitz. Water plays a crucial role in boosting immunity, which is liable to fight all infections. To save yourself from the clenches of the novel coronavirus, hydrate yourself by drinking enough water.

Lukewarm water is good for congestion and sore throat

Covid-19 is a respiratory ailment and can result in severe breathing problems. Therefore, the ideal way to soothe your respiration is by consuming lukewarm water multiple times a day. Acute congestion can harm your lungs. Congestion occurs with the deposit of phlegm in the air pipe and lungs. It is essential to flush out the mucus, which can only be done by drinking warm water. Besides decongesting the nasal glands’ warm water also helps to combat sinus and pharyngitis.

Water is crucial for the well-being of your kidneys. Water plays a crucial role in transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to your Kidneys. Proper hydration in delivering the required nutrients to the Kidneys and ensure normal bodily functions. Lack of water can damage your kidney, thus resulting in kidney failure. Hence, it is vital to keep your body hydrated with at least 2 to 3 liters of water.