Gary Saitowitz

Remote work or working from home has become a recent trend. The outbreak of the pandemic has restricted human movement. Employees all across the globe get confined to the four walls of their house. However, market operations cease to operate. They will continue the way they did earlier. In this scenario, the workforce has to stay updated every second. There are various distractions at home. However, as a firm leader, it is your responsibility to direct your workforce’s attention towards their work. It is a challenging task undoubtedly, says Gary Saitowitz. Giving your employees the much-needed motivation and some thought is crucial. It will help to keep the processes and routine well in place. You have to make an extra effort in motivating your workers to make the transition work for you. Try using the resources at your disposal and strategize your agendas.

The ways of keeping your workers motivated, as illustrated by Gary Saitowitz

While deciding on this aspect, you have to look into various facets. Market operations are a complex process. In this scenario, amalgamating the efforts of your employees is a challenging task. However, the following steps will help you to fulfill your professional obligation:

  • Stick to your routine: As a firm leader, you have to work out a schedule. When you decide on the plan, you have to stick to it. It is a challenging task. However, it is crucial. As far as possible, make your plans and try to be rigid. Decide each day on your personal and professional requirements. You will then channel your brain to direct yourself in different departments. When you are a leader of a firm. You have to keep in touch with your workforce. Tracking their daily activities at work is your responsibility.
  • Creating morning ritual:If you are one of them who has been trying to start a morning ritual or routine, the time has come to take steps. You have an ample amount of time to read books and journals. It will help you to create your morning ritual. You must start your day with a walk or physical exercise. Spend your time writing down critical points related to your work. Try to communicate with your workers and encourage them as far as possible.
  • Decide on your workspace: Like your employees, you have to make provisions for a dedicated workspace. Although it sounds easy, maintaining consistency is difficult. You may love the coziness of your bed. However, you have to be committed and determined with your focus, like your schedule. It is hard to have an office at home. However, when you have a dedicated space, it keeps you focused.

Apart from this, you have coziness, but you must take care of your physical exercise and diet. Working from home has various benefits associated with it. You are within your comfort zone and have the constant support of your friends and family members. In this scenario, creating and maintaining a schedule is not that difficult. All you need is dedication and consistency. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on those areas which require immediate attention. It will help you to regulate your activities and those of your workforce.