Spiritual Awakening
 This is an excerpt from You’re Not Crazy, It’s Paranormal
The Dark Night of the Soul Can Initiate a Spiritual Awakening

The dark night of the soul propagated by several adverse life events was the trigger for my spiritual awakening and psychic opening. Apparently, this is also the case for many others. It is very common and unfortunate that after someone has experienced an awakening they can be misdiagnosed with depression or even psychosis. Although this area of research is still in its infancy in the medical and psychological field, there is more information available now more than ever before. Researchers are finding that there seems to be a very strong connection between experiencing the dark night of the soul and having a subsequent spiritual awakening; what they are calling “spiritual experiences”. Once you are cleared of any major medical and psychological issues, or they are managed by a professional, you can then delve into what the spiritual awakening process can be like.

When a spiritual awakening occurs, it is just the beginning of a beautiful but sometimes frightening journey. There is an ongoing emergence and with that many things in one’s life will transform. An awakening is just that, different parts of you become aware of things that have always been there but were unnoticed before. The signs can appear to you in a very unique way so that you know the message is just for you. Yet you will be able to know that others have had similar experiences and can confirm that indeed an awakening has occurred.

It is crucial you get cleared medically and psychologically. In addition, do your due diligence and research. Once cleared, and when undergoing your research you will find much information out there from many who have listed signs or “symptoms” an awakening has occurred. I can speak from my own experience and from many of the clients I’ve consulted with along with some interesting research information. What you conclude about your own experience is completely up to you. My only desire is to provide more information and comfort for those moments you may feel you’re going insane but are actually experiencing a spiritual growth spurt.

What I am about to describe are signs that are commonly experienced. There can be anywhere between 5 to 40 or more signs of a spiritual awakening. I have experienced quite a few of these myself, but not all. In fact, everyone is different. If you notice that you have had the majority on the list, plus a major life change, then you can then be pretty sure you are in the midst of your own beautiful maelstrom and spiritual emergence.

Common Signs

Once someone is on the path of a spiritual emergence and a psychic opening is underway, things will happen that are most definitely out of the ordinary. If you are prepared by simply being aware of what can possibly happen, there is an immense peace of mind and positive expectation. Many find this out the hard way and hence the process can be a bit shocking and frightening at times. We will review some of the commonly reported signs below then review some specific events that I experienced.

Some believe that something shifts in the person physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually. It is believed by many, that all in the universe is a vibration of some sort. We as humans, function at a certain vibration. Should we have an awakening, that vibration changes into a higher octave, affecting us, our surroundings, and even how people and animals react to us. With that said, let’s go over some signs.

Examples and Signs of a Spiritual Awakening and the Paranormal
  • A person may experience electrical and mechanical malfunctions. Things break often, computers, watches, television, wireless devices may act wacky or stop working all together often at the same time, but not always.
  • A person’s sleep pattern may change and be disrupted. For example, waking up several times every two to four hours. And if the person is a normal day person, they may suddenly find themselves waking up in the middle of the night, say between 2 and 4 am. Some may need to sleep as long as 12 or more hours while others may need as little as four until they adjust to their new frequency.
  • A person may feel sudden waves of emotion without apparent reason. Again, not having anything to do with typical physical or psychological disorders.
  • A person may desire to change what a s/he eats or eating habits often developing intolerance to certain foods.
  • A person may have an increase of allergies or developing new allergies suddenly.
  • A person may have increased sensitivity in all of their senses; vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch. With vision, a person may experience blurred vision, seen shimmering or glittering particles, auras around humans, animals or objects. Colors may appear brighter and more vivid. Solid objects may appear to be transparent. When eyes are closed  aperson may see geometric shapes instead of darkness. When looking at other people, animals and objects (e.g. crystals) you may see their aura. An aura is an extension of the physical being, it is the energetic counterpart. It is of different shapes, sizes and colors around its physical presence. A person’s hearing may increase or decrease. Some people report hearing ringing, buzzing, beeping or electronic sounds when there is no apparent source of the sounds. Keep in mind that with all these signs, physical and mental illness would have to be ruled out first. With taste, some people report that foods they eat taste differently. They can have after tastes or additives in foods. Still, other people report scents and fragrances that cannot be explained as coming from their environment.
  • Some people report sudden skin eruptions like rashes, acne, hives or bumps that have no apparent cause.
  • In other cases of spiritual awakening, a person may experience body-wide pain but specifically near the neck, shoulders, back and head. In fact, they say it feels flu-like with digestive problems, muscle spasms, involuntary bodily movements and vocalizations, heart palpitations, and chest tightness, physical disorientation, spacey-ness and dizziness.
  • Some people who experience a kundalini awakening (more on this in Chapter 7), can go into spontaneous yoga postures and chants. Many of these individuals may never even have practiced yoga or chanting and yet are able to perform them during these transitions and have various chakra activations. Often you may find that a person needs to find spiritual guidance via mediation, praying and seeking a spiritual guide.
  • One of the biggies is that a person will begin to experience synchronicities. This is when a person begins to notice certain events, situations patterns that cannot be explained as mere coincidences or happenstance due to their frequency, connectedness and meaningfulness to the person.

Synchronicities, specifically, can serve as guides and signposts to the person searching for their newfound life purpose. Many of the synchronistic symbols may or may not originate in a person’s lucid dreams but will show itself in unexpected, ways that a person will not be able to ignore or dismiss. These synchronicities can lead to a feeling of integration. A person will see that things are truly tied together and feel a new respect for other people, animals, plants, all living things, and their environment. There are no hard and fast rules, but it’s safe to say that most people show five or more signs s/he may be in the midst of a spiritual awakening. It can be frustrating when you are in the middle of your maelstrom. Impatience is perfectly natural and another sign you are emerging spiritually. Life is unfolding before you, it’s tempting to want to jump ahead and see what’s going to happen, but with the gift of time, you have freewill to choose how to live this lifetime and in the present.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 The Paranormal Events in Addition to a Spiritual Awakening


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