One of the joys of being out an about (whether driving or grabbing public transport) is being able to stop at a new eating place and bring back a load of food when time allows.

All talked out for the next two hours? You don’t need to say yes to the lunch offer today if you feel like you need recharging. Going for those boxes of takeaway works too. 

1.) Libraries

It could be a local one, or the one that is closest to where your next appointment is. You can eat at one of the benches outside then duck in for a few minutes to note the next book (album or film!) that you’ll be borrowing.

2.) Petrol Stations

Maybe you aren’t able to stop by that interesting Fish and Chip shop, and now you’re tummy is nudging you incessantly. If the next one has one of those indoor seating areas that people rarely sit on (because they are focused on getting to their next destination — or maybe they already have prepared their meal the day before), then you have your peace.

3.) The Random Corner Shop

Though I’m not a big supporter of fast food (the heavily processed ones), I find the stores a good environment to work at if I needed to sort out ideas (and not to be tempted by the keyboard nearby when I’m within 2 minutes from my desk) just because of the lighting.

The interesting thing about corner shops is that they sometimes carry products only available in a few stores. I remember when the usual store I go for my half a litre tub of garlic sauce ran out, I started to intentionally visit other stores to see which ones have the best ones (because the taste becomes weaker as it sits in the fridge).

The downside of this option, is you might have to hang near your vehicle and finish up your food because of the lack of seating. No vehicle? Take a deep breath and head over to the nearest bus stop, enjoy your meal, and relax your mind while you watch the cars go by.

Of course, the best option is to have your food already with you (prepped the night before!) so you won’t be constrained by needing to walk around near where the library is to find your food options.


Where else do you head over whenever you need to eat in solitude? Send me a note on Twitter!

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