George Rotariu

George Rotariu has a true passion for investing into different businesses, especially into Bitcoin. 

George Rotariu is a Romanian entrepreneur. He is the owner of Bitcoin Romania and few other companies. His name is enough to tell the audience who they’re dealing with. 

George Rotariu is now gaining increasing notoriety in the entrepreneurial sector. After gaining enough knowledge in Bucharest, he has now opened businesses in different regions and has excelled the most in the Bitcoin investment sector which he started in 2014.

 “We are trying to put around 300 ATMs across Eastern Europe, and around 100 ATMs will already be there by the end of this year. It’s just because ATMs are the connection between the new digital era. Apart from this, we are going to open around 10 clinics in Romania.” – George Rotariu

George Rotariu is smart and knows exactly what he wants, he reinvests his earnings back into his company and comes up with bigger and better ideas each time. From creating an engaging campaign to making it easier for his customers to invest in cryptocurrencies, he has created a loyal audience for him. We wish all the very best and a huge success for the all upcoming ideas he has planned to mesmerize his customers with, in 2021.

You can connect with George Rotariu via Instagram