Everyone wants to take their life into a whole new and more improved level. However, not everyone has the courage to do so. However, an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker refused to have the same mindset and braved himself to reach his dreams. 

German Castelo knows that in order to reach his dreams, he needs to motivate himself and take action. For this reason, he decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship to achieve a better way of living. 

German Castelo is a young entrepreneur and influencer who became an internationally acknowledged leader for other people who are involved in the business. This is precisely because he has shown a huge amount of excellence in the field where he specializes. 

German was born and raised in Mexico City. There he started to create a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He desired for improvement, and little by little, he began to reach it. 

A Mexican entrepreneur and public speaker, German Castelo found his purpose when he entered the area of network marketing. He became a leader in this industry, and at the age of 24, he was able to write a book that became a top seller in Mexico. 

Besides being involved in network marketing and a public speaker, German also owns seven different companies, which all differ in the specialization. One of the businesses founded by this Mexican entrepreneur is the EVO movement. This organization is one of the largest Latin American organizations that focus on network marketing. 

The EVO movement has the vision to inspire people across Latin America to aspire for greatness during their everyday life. Moreover, its mission is to improve oneself through three principles: mastery of mindset, mastery of money, as well as mastery of experience. This organization has already reached ten different countries around the world and was able to empower entrepreneurs worldwide.

EVO movement, being an organization focused on network marketing, targets entrepreneurs who are goal-driven and have a hunger for success. Most people who live in third world countries like Mexico think that they cannot improve their way of life. German Castelo refuses to believe and have the same mindset. For this reason, he strived to become a successful businessman. 

German, being a public speaker, aims to empower individuals to change their mindset and develop incredible skills to become financially independent. He also seeks to influence people who want to find their success in the market. Through this, German Castelo was able to empower entrepreneurs all around the globe. 

German Castelo is different from the other entrepreneurs because of his mindset, hunger for winning, excellent communication skills, and well-developed networking skills. 

Through his perseverance, German became a successful entrepreneur. He was also able to improve people with the same goals as him through his public speaking. 

German Castelo proved that through hard work, perseverance, and the right mindset, you can become whatever you want to become. You just have to have the courage to take a step forward.