In my series on people who are making a difference, I interview Gertrude Chapman, an author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She teaches and mentors authors to write books using their knowledge and expertise to generate a continuous stream of income. I know you will enjoy this interview with Chapman, who is masterful in helping women understand their value and get paid their worth. 

Thank you so much for your time!  I know you are a very busy person.  Can you tell us a story about what early experiences brought you to your specific career path?

When the housing market went bust in 2006 many people were laid off from the new home builder.  

As if the layoffs were not hard enough, despite an impeccable resume, I could not find a job. Weeks passed, and I finally received a call about a job.  I took the job at a bank, worked 7 months and was laid off again with many others.  I was offered to reapply for the job, but it was not guaranteed.

After much soul searching and talking with my husband, I decided to take something that I once considered a hobby, which was my writing, and turned it into a viable business and the rest is history.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you in your career or education?

I was called to speak on entrepreneurship and after the event was over the director informed me that they would be closing their food bank. 

She stated she saw how I helped people and knew I would find the people who needed it the most.

At the end of the week my husband rented the big U-Haul and hired 4 gentlemen to load the truck.  Our entire 2-car garage was filled with brand named can goods from floor to ceiling. I had a list of 7 charitable organizations who I knew had integrity and called and distributed the food to them.  The food was on its way to those in need within 5 days.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting out in your career?  What lesson did you learn from that?

I wanted to help my friends write their books the correct way, so I often had them bring me their manuscript on a flash drive and I would place it in the correct format and upload the book and cover to the platform.  If you do not have a team this can be overwhelming. 

One day a friend asked me to do them a favor.  They had a friend who had written a book and just needed it uploaded on the platform.  When I tell you, this book was so unorganized in thought and all over the place.  It was a hot mess. 

I told the friend that the book required additional work and I returned the book to the gentleman explaining that his book needed to be rewritten and I did not have the time.   

This was a pivot point for me. I learned that I undercharged and did not set boundaries.  I further realized that there is more money in what I know than in what I do. 

Since that occasion I decided to teach aspiring authors how to write their book instead of doing it for them.

What are some of the most interesting and exciting community projects you are working on now?

Currently I am working on meeting at a venue and getting a group of women together to show them how they can enhance their lives.  I plan on teaching them how to package their knowledge and expertise to generate revenue and leave a legacy.

Another current project is setting up a pop-up shop at the farmer’s market as a vendor to bring awareness of “The Aspiring Author’s Lab.”

What are 5 things you would tell your younger self?

I would daily remind myself and rehearse these things before I start my day:

  1. Take time to get to know yourself.
  2. Follow your passion and do what is in your heart.
  3. You have everything you need already inside of you.
  4. There is no struggle when you are in alignment with your purpose.
  5. Move quickly when you have an idea and follow it through to completion.

You are a successful person.  Can you share some tips on how young people today can get ahead?

A young person should establish discipline in his or her life.  It is essential to have a goal and a plan. Once you write the vision you must activate it. 

Distractions have a voice, but if you have your map in place you can get back on track without wasting precious time.

They say the new influencer is a #Givefluencer – how are you paying it forward with others in your life?

As I am teaching women how to generate revenue from their knowledge and expertise, I also help them, by building their self-esteem.

Once a woman finds out who she is and what treasures she holds it catapults her into a higher level.  I help them recognize their value and who they are which enables them to have confidence and achieve their dreams.

Taking a little time to add some crucial benefits to each woman’s life can change generations.

Is there a particular book that you read, or podcast you listened to that really helped you in your career?  Can you explain?

The book that I find that helped me was “Think and Grow Rich.”  I was always interested in the power of the mind and this book just took what I knew to another level.

I am an avid reader, and it is important for me to read and expand my mindset.

The mind is an enormously powerful tool that offers limitless possibilities.  As an author, I can write one book and create numerous ways to generate revenue. 

Because of the role that you play in the community, you are a person of great influence.  If you could inspire “good news” what would be your headline and 3 talking points?

 “Woman You Are Valuable” would be my headline.  Women are always involved in so many things and we give our all to the end.

Here are my 3 talking points:

1.  Appreciate your uniqueness.  You have your own special touch that changes lives.

2.  Know your worth.  You have a goldmine of treasures waiting to be released. 

3.  The world is waiting to hear from you.  Set your sights far beyond your comfort zone.

How can people connect with you?

Gertrude J Chapman

Inspirational Book Coach

Founder/CEO Turning Point Enrichment Inc.