Image by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash
Get a Life !!!

Feeling lost? Why?? Not getting the right job? Not finding interest in what you are doing? Not satisfied with your income? Not finding your love? Not able to share your feelings to your love? Facing a heartbreak?

Whatever the situation may be, just remember that nothing is going to last forever. Neither the time nor the circumstances. Nothing is permanent in this life neither you nor the people. Everyone has to go. Every situation has to pass with time.

It is important how long you can sustain yourself to the difficulties you are facing. Most of the time these hardships are more in our mind than in real. For example, you think that it would be very difficult for you to follow your passion because earning is more important.

You are not totally wrong but think of it this way. If not now, when will you start to do what you love? I don’t suggest that you leave what you are doing at sudden and start working on your passion. At least, start to plan out for your dreams. Start with few minutes and slowly stretch it to hours. The most important thing is to start it and that time is now.

It is all about trying and not stopping yourself thinking ‘What If‘? Whether it is about love, passion, income or job; whatever is your reason of feeling lost. Get over the feeling of what will people say. Just focus on yourself.

If you are facing issues in your relationship, here is a tip. If you and your partner love each other but are not able to work out things. It might be due to the reason that you are not able to sort your efforts in the relationship. You need to invest time in your relationship in order to make it work well.

If you are facing a heart break or the person you love is not loving you back with the same effort, stop wasting time crying over it. Let it go !!! Stop melting yourself for someone else. May be there is more better person yet to enter in your life. Don’t wait for love to come to you. Start focussing on priorities of your life.

What is that one thing you always wanted to do? Next, write out what are the 5 most important things you want yourself to do. Start acting on them. Get a Life ! Life is short to wait and sit regretting. Most important thing Love Yourself.

#Loving Yourself