During these crazy times we seem to all be finding ways to cope, find fun, make sense of the new norm and so on. I had my own set of circumstances having started a new business in January and now having a “what have I done” moment. A son struggling in school and now potential for long term virtual learning. I just needed to get away for a short period of time to take my mind off of everything. As a lifelong musician, I decided to spend one Saturday afternoon, with one mic in a room…that rhymes by the way!

A drum beat came to me so I laid a track in one take not thinking it would go anywhere. I added some bass guitar and it seemed there was somewhat of a foundation. Sat down with the guitar, same thing, something came to mind and I recorded it. Added some guiro style percussion to give it a vibe with the use of objects I found in the room. Then I added some odd backing vocals. Somehow, something came together.

Then it came time for lead vocals and oh, yeah, we need lyrics, right? I pondered what I wanted the theme to be, and really I just had random thoughts about my sons growing up, challenges of starting a new business, life’s crazy journey, the complicated times we are in, and being confined with no vacations. I hit the record button and just sang what came to mind…which started as a guy with everything materially but coming to the recognition that life may be about more than that. I thought about my sons growing up and what they may strive for, and what their world may look like.

It came time for the chorus and the phrase “Gotta Go, Gotta Run, Gotta Get Away” came out. Interpret it for what it may mean to you…could be simply I need a COVID getaway, or it could be something deeper in your life.

Second verse evolved to a guy that did not have much of anything, or maybe he lost it? And back to the chorus.

I added some images that I felt would give color to the story, with the ones in the later part of the video being more inspirational amazing views and sunrises. A new beginning so to say.

The last part of the song simply says “It’s the same” repeatedly. This was more a message to my son’s, but really to all, that we go through life differently but also striving for many of the same things in one form or another, and having struggles along the way, and that this understanding should let us know that we are in it together.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Get Away