If I ask you to listen to your body, to tune in to hear what it’s telling you. Could you? Could you feel the spaces that your body is blocked? Where you are holding onto old anger, pain or sadness? 

Me neither. 

Until a couple of years ago, I had lost all connection with my body. I lived in my head. Thinking, analysing, more thinking. Chewing on situations and unable to understand why my life wasn’t flowing. I was exhausted, stressed and disconnected from everyone, including myself. I wanted nothing more than to sleep my weekends away, but no matter how much sleep, I never felt rejuvenated. I didn’t know who I was anymore and what I wanted from life. I put on weight. No diet or exercise regimen worked. I was surviving, not thriving. 

And then one day I started to meditate and I continued to meditate. My mind quietened and I remembered my body. I remembered lessons I had learnt before, from people much wiser than I. So I started to tune in, to listen. To learn. To hear what my body was telling me. At first it was about understanding my anxiety and stress and being able to manage that. But still, my life wasn’t in flow. I wasn’t in flow. My creativity was blocked. I couldn’t write (which is one of my passions) and I couldn’t paint (passionate, but an amateur). 

I learned to hear what my body was really telling me. About the pain and sadness that I was still holding onto from previous relationships, that were holding me back from bringing love into my life. Then I was able to start to heal, reconnect and clear what I was holding onto. And my life started to flow and now it continues to flow, because I listen. I learn. I heal. Because our bodies are the messenger. Our minds are too busy judging, talking, but our bodies are able tell us when we are stressed, or tired and what is really causing it. And what we need. 

By getting back into your body, tuning in again. You reconnect the body-mind-spirit. Listen. Can you hear what it calling? Screaming? Whispering for you to hear it.