We all have dreams and aims that we wish to achieve. It is human nature to start doing what they love or what they think will offer them a happy and luxurious life. But how many of us are able to reach the finish line? How many of us are able to say with pride that we made it till the end?
We all are well aware of the answer; very few are able to walk through the hurdles and struggle that an aim demands.
We often hear that motivation is what keeps us going through the hard times and is an essential ingredient in fulfilling your goals. However, what I know is that motivation is as strong as you allow it to. You make motivation and it vice versa makes you.
But the frustration and overwhelming emotions that come in and out in your brain, when you aren’t able to finish what you have started are enough to detract you, right? But it’s very common and can be rectified with some simple tips. I am writing this because last week I was trying to write this post on best bone conduction headphones and I just couldn’t. I was in halfway and was having a what you call “a writer’s block”. I was bored and was having no motivation at all. But I always have some tips to re-motivate myself to finish that work. So here are those tips and tricks that will help you stay motivated when you feel like you cannot finish what you have started. Trust yourself, breathe in and breathe out and go hit it with all your power!

Take Small Steps

The basic mistake that all of us make is look at the entire goal. If you want to be a designer, it will take some years. You will have to study, do a job, earn money and then invest in building your own fashion house. The point is that you have steps all the way to reach the big picture.
So break the goal into steps. This won’t get you disappointed. For instance, your first step can be to gain distinctions throughout your first semester or getting your design sold in the freelancing world. You will see how you are succeeding through small steps and this will keep you motivated along the journey.

Pick the Most Enjoyable Part to Start with

The worst you can do is to start from the most boring part. This kills your spirit before it even starts. To see where your project is going to be the most fun and enjoyable and start from that point. Why? This will keep you motivated and you won’t get detracted easily also.
This way, you will feel enthusiastic even when you are able to achieve only a small chunk of the project. Your fuel (that is your motivation) won’t end and you will be able to walk on the path of whatever you wish to achieve.

Don’t Try to Multi-Task

Okay, I know you need to multitask sometimes. But don’t overdo the multi-tasking. Don’t make it a routine as you will sooner or later get tired of it. I won’t be saying that you need to steer clear of the distractions because that gets hard.
The notifications on your smartphone are a hard thing to avoid but if you are texting and writing your professional college essay at the same time; it might turn out to be a huge blunder. The focus is the basic ingredient to gain anything that you wish to and you can attain that by avoiding distractions and not multi-tasking.

Taking a Break is Okay

The concept that there is no “break” on the path to success is wrong. If you are tired or you think that you need to get some fresh air; pause the situation, get out and get some freshness. Don’t try to hold on so hard that you get frustrated and overwhelmed with negativity.
You can go out on a vacation or family trip for some days. This allows you to regain your energy and come back with a new strength. Taking a break also brings the positivism out from you, which is usually driven away due to the frustration of the monotonous routine. Escape it; it is good once in a while.

Don’t Get Yourself, Bored

Okay, so you cannot always go out for a long trip when you are bored. So while you are working or studying, don’t make it boring. Yes, sometimes it is good to focus and make the scenario serious around you. But if you will do that on daily basis, you will get bored of your own goal.
So try listening to music while you are making an assignment or go watch television in between. You can hang out with your friends for a walk in the evening so that you can laugh the stress out.


Staying motivated to finish what you have started is hard but if you go slowly with yourself, you can do it. It isn’t that hard. Just learn to pause when you are tired because quitting is not the solution.


  • Usman Saeed

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