You can`t grow without having a bad day every now and then. It`s inevitable. Or as multi-millionaire Tom Bilyeu likes to call it, “You cannot remake yourself without suffering.”

Problems will be there, and part of being the toughest version of you is teaching yourself how to handle those moments/days better when they come. For that, I have made you a list of eight things to do when you have a bad day, all backed by science. Here they are:

Bad Day Tip#1: Examine your thoughts ASAP

Anytime you feel bad, the first right thing to do is to put your thoughts on paper. Your thoughts are very automatic, and fast —we experience between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day— which means it will be difficult changing them unless you can catch them on paper.

So, when the going gets tough, get a pen and a paper, and jot down all the thoughts that are annoying you. You will immediately feel relieved, and this will be the first step to replacing them with more positive ones.

Bad Day Tip#2: Give what happened a positive spin

Disappointments will look bad once they take place. But no matter how sour they taste, they are here to serve you or teach you a lesson and the wise who knows how to see those lessons as soon as possible. Studies by Richard Wiseman found Lucky people are master reframers who can find the positive in any negative.

One study by the world-renowned researcher and bestselling author, John Gottman found that when happy couples talk about their past together, they usually mention setbacks as incidents that brought them closer.

So, give yourself some time to cool down then start looking for the benefits of the negative situation. You can use it to learn tranquility. A problem is usually there to teach you something, so let it do its job.

Bad Day Tip#3: Accept full responsibility

Regardless of who has contributed to your bad day —a client, boss, or spouse— don`t blame or guilt-trip them, not because they don`t deserve it but because by blaming you give them control over you and make it hard for yourself to find a solution. Say your boss is a mean person who treats you poorly.

The first choice you have is victimizing yourself and blame your stars for working with such a person. It may sound emotionally satisfying but blaming doesn`t offer a solution, and your problem will remain unchanged.

The second choice you have is to accept responsibility for the situation, and it will help you find a proper solution:

  • You can learn how to handle him
  • You can speak up for yourself and set some boundaries
  • Maybe he somehow thinks you`re incompetent.
  • You may talk directly to his boss
  • And you may give a 30-day notice and look for another job.

Bad Day Tip#4: Don`t make things worse

Your down times are the best times to test your self-discipline and persistence. When you have a bad day, it will sound soothing to grab that candy bar or light up a cigarette, but don`t give in to these temptations.

As soon as you finish that cigarette or candy bar, you will feel weak. And you will add a distorted self-image to your problems. Whenever you have a bad day, use your negative emotions to enforce a positive attitude instead of giving up to temptations.

Hit the gym, lift some weights or spend an hour on the treadmill. Exercising will release good hormones, make you feel well, and help you sleep better which is usually an excellent way to recover.

Bad Day Tip#5: Read some inspirational quotes

Motivation, like bathing, should be done daily. For this reason, I recommend you have a file with all your favorite quotes that you refer to when you feel bad. It will improve your state and help you look at the setback/challenge in a more positive way.

Bad Day Tip#6: Disconnect for a while

Take some time to relax and give your exhausted brain enough time to recover. Take a nap, read a book, go for a walk, listen to some uplifting music, meditate or do yoga. All these things will cool you down and, maybe, help you look at the situation from a better angle.

Bad Day Tip#7: Take a shower (preferably cold)

Cold showers can improve your blood circulation and sleep and force your body to process more energy and burn more calories. It`s also a great way to overcome depression.

According to several studies, cold showers may stimulate the brain`s blue spot which stimulates the secretion of Norepinephrine hormone and improves your mood.

Studies also linked cold showers to positive qualities among rats including more persistence and delayed symptoms of learned helplessness.

Bad Day Tip#8: Do whatever you can to smile

A 2013 study by the University of Warwick found that you can give productivity a 12-percent boost if you put a genuine smile on your face before going to work. I know it sounds silly to smile when you have bad a day but look at it as a challenge or invitation to change your state.

Try anything that is self-amusing; goof around with your kids, call a cheerful friend or watch a funny YouTube video. Any of these will make you feel, and work, better.

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