Winter is only just coming to an end here in Chicago, but the more body-conscious Chicagoans out there are already starting to prepare for the summer. With Spring just around the corner, the weather will soon turn sunny again, which means it’s almost time to start wearing lighter clothing and getting those beach bodies out.

If you want to make sure your skin is looking its best for the warmer days ahead, now may be the time to start thinking about your skincare routine.

According to expert dermatologists, the dry Chicago winter may have stripped your skin of its moisture, leading to signs of aging. Cold temperatures often bring with them lower humidity, and this lack of humidity contributes to dry skin. This effect is worsened by the bitter winter winds.

Having dry, flaky, dehydrated skin can lead to signs of premature aging, including wrinkles and sagging skin. The stress that often comes with the winter months, and lack of vitamin D from the sun, can also contribute to skin damage and leave you not looking your best.

Fortunately, experts believe that engaging in a solid skincare routine can help repair some of that damage. If you start now, your skin may look healthier, more radiant, more youthful, and generally more beach-ready by the time Summer hits Chicago.

Anti-Aging Masks

Expert Dermatologist Dr. Marnie Nussbaum suggests that using a beauty/exfoliant mask once a week may be a good idea, but suggests that steering clear of scrubs in favor of less irritating masks would be more beneficial.”When most people think of an exfoliant, they think of a scrub, but in the winter it’s very harsh to use on dry skin…”

Some beauty masks avoid harsh chemicals altogether. For example, this LED Beauty Mask by Evolou uses light therapy to treat your skin, helping to tighten sagging skin and eliminate dark circles.

Moisturizing Pads

Your face isn’t the only part that may be suffering from signs of aging. For many people, the chest and neck region is one of the first places they notice wrinkles and sagging skin.

One anti-aging product that may help you to reduce dry and saggy neck and chest skin is moisturizing pads.

For example, these Anti-Wrinkle Neck and Chest Sticker Pads, made from medical-grade silicone, work to smooth and moisturize your skin to leave it looking plumper and firmer. They can be worn underneath your regular clothing discretely and removed whenever you want to reveal your chest and neck out

Beauty Pens

For those out there that prefer to avoid products which rely on chemicals to treat the skin, there are many more chemical-free anti-aging alternatives that can help make your skin summer-ready.

For example, this electric wrinkle dark circles removal pen massages the skin under the eyes to stimulate blood flow naturally and eliminate circles and bags. It can also help to treat dry eye symptoms, reduce the fine lines on the corners of your eyes, and reduce ‘puffiness’.

Using the three products listed above in conjunction with your usual skincare creams, exfoliants, and moisturizers may be able to repair any winter skin damage and rehydrate your skin in time for summer.

This is especially important considering the fact that the 2019 summer in Chicago is expected to be drier and cooler than usual.