Farooq Syed

Among all the industries that have shown exponential extension and success levels, real estate has been one that has amazing people and experts across the world with its constant surge in growth. 

The pandemic did slow down things in 2021, but many are working hard to increase this field’s growth. Everyone knows the importance of property, and if it’s down, it means the country economy is also down. 

We all know that Dubai is one of those few places on earth that has always given people unending opportunities. Optimizing the outstanding opportunities to people who wants to do big in life.

Below are the tips from Farooq Syed on how to boost your income in 2021, If you are living in Dubai:

  • Strong Team: Build a strong and trustworthy team that understands the importance of growth and is ready to work harder in a tough time.
  • Update yourself with Technology: Gone are those days where only the website was important. Now you have to use Social media to reach more people around the globe. You should know how to create a good image online to expand in what you do.
  • Don’t forget Roots: One good piece of advice is to actively engage in the local community to build more compatibility with people. Community involvement will help realtors grow their client base and create more relations, helping them further grow their field.

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