Several factors come into play when discussing what truly creates happiness in the workplace. Keeping a steady work/life balance, along with maintaining a positive attitude with self-confidence, is considered vital for job contentment. However, a majority of employees argue that the single most crucial element would be gaining respect from others at work. 

StaffScapes, Denver PEO experts, helps businesses in the Metro-North area and throughout Colorado navigate the complex landscape of human resource compliance, policies, and best practices. Respect in the workplace is a critical cornerstone for a proactive and smooth flowing environment. It creates a mutual understanding of the expected behavioral standard while on the job. It also helps provoke self-confidence in employees. If you are having trouble gaining the respect you believe you deserve at work, StaffScapes’ tips will help:

Tip #1: Demonstrate your skills in the right environment

The moment you walk into your company office on the first day is when you should start demonstrating your skills. Allow your acquired skill sets and talents to speak for your worth and value, too. Your actions can often demand louder respect than your words.

When you demonstrate your skills in the right environment, it merely means to show your unique value when your skills allow you to go above and beyond. However, know when you need to take a step back when you have not yet acquired a skill set. Return respect to others by continually attempting to learn from their knowledge base. 

Tip #2: Do not fake care

A great way to gain respect from other employees is to genuinely care about what is going on in their lives and strive to build constructive relationships. Exemplifying care towards others helps your mental state regardless of your circumstances. Do not fake it though- over time, artificial care becomes easier to identify over authentic awareness. 

Tip #3: Strive to communicate calmly and take the time to listen to others 

Spark your respect fire by focusing on your actions and responses. Everyone loves a listening ear and those who take the time to listen easily win respect. Try and avoid being phased by external work issues that might cause emotion to affect your communication skills. Set a reaction goal for yourself to always communicate calmly, no matter who you are speaking with or what is going on around you. This practice will lead you to treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.

Tip #4: Practice reliable and consistent time management

StaffScapes suggests that to gain ultimate respect from higher-level employees, stay on top of submitting all of your tasks on time, if not early. Maintaining this standard for yourself will show the people you work with, and for, that you are not only reliable but trustworthy and responsible, too. It also does not hurt to uphold a neat and organized identity. Take pride in keeping up with a clean workspace to show that you value your professional persona and the image of the company. 

About StaffScapes: 

Outsourcing your Human Resource work to an experienced partner simplifies one of the most complex and demanding areas of business. Outsourcing your HR duties to StaffScapes will streamline your policies and free up time, thus benefiting you on both sides of the profit equation. By focusing on work instead of HR, your company will have the ability to increase revenue and efficiency, as well as reduce costs and overhead. Together, we can create a better HR environment, avoid pitfalls, and let you focus on what you do best.