Yes, you’ve started the year with a pack of resolutions. You’ve got targets and goals. But that’s never going to be not enough. There is still something you need. That is a daunting spirit armed with a super positive outlook.  The kind of spirit that tells you ‘you are the best’ and pulls you up when it appears you’re down.

You know why?

Because when it comes to human capabilities and possibilities, you cannot go beyond the strength and resilience level of your spirit. It is your spirit that powers your engine and drives your wills. The good news however is that you reserve the right over the power to blow life into your own dreams and give wings to your ambitions so that you can fly and soar up high.

Certainly, goals set will end up in stillbirths except they are given life by the right spirit. In other words, you need to get started on the journey of getting yourself a viable spirit to achieve your goals. And there is no better place to start than with your mindset.  

Your mind must believe in you. It must strongly believe your abilities are limitless. After all, the modern world is a testimony to the limitlessness of the capabilities of the man. Two hundred years ago, how many people could have believed that man would one day fly, let alone travel to the moon! But today, flying has become an everyday thing.

So, come to think of it, if Wilbur and Orville Wright had thought it impossible to fly, would they have got the kind of dogged spirit that gave them success? And most probably, the Wright brothers would have lived and died unknown and of course unsung.

Take a look at the business world. Competitions continuously loom over the whole terrain so much that it perpetually appears like the giant and ready-made businesses would forever remain so. But events have proven that wrong. Many small businesses have learnt to drive their turnover with different forms of breakthrough-inclined marketing strategies. Every era will surely come to an end and another era will begin.

In today’s world where online businesses have become very popular, particularly among young people, a weak spirit would hardly see the advantages but the risks involved. But you should not forget that pains bring gains. Taking risks is part of everything in life. Businesses start spending on marketing and publicity before they get their first customer.

As a professional, you think going into private practice is most likely going to get you there quicker than working for someone or a company, no matter how big the salary may be. But your spirit still slows you down with every fathomable excuse. Well, you need to free yourself. Agreed, not everyone will be their own boss, but why must it be you that will lose out?

Even if you work in an office, your rise through the rank and file is determined largely by your spirit. It is that important to your whole life. You must get the right spirit that can get you off the ground.