What will become of my life, I wonder? Shouldn’t I be making a motivational road map or do I trust the invisible path that all will be well? How can I plant the seed if my sense of clarity is slightly muddled? The truth… will come.

I wrote the above in December 2016.

Earlier this year at work, the executives participated in a writing and thinking exercise called Fast Forward. Basically, you write down what you envision for yourself one year from now (Exercise 1), plus any foreseeable pitfalls (Ex 2). I love this because I truly believe in intention and manifestation (but of course, not gripping with obsession at the results). In the interest of transparency, I’m sharing my unedited version, and I’m happy to say about six months in, I’ve *starred which have come true and I’m still working on the rest. We’re always working on something. Here’s to wishful thinking (and writing).

February 14, 2019


My team and I have booked several entertainment campaigns. I am now managing content.

In the earlier part of the year, we really started to gel. X and I are no longer having internal battles. We became each other’s biggest supporters/cheerleaders but I am also no longer with the team. I have moved on to bigger things with more responsibilities and the same amount of freedom.

Health: I am a little stronger, able to do a handstand if I want. My love handles are gone and I’m confident I’ll look and feel better at 40 than I did at 30. I continue to eliminate bad carbs, sweets and alcohol. I have a sustained amount of energy.

Relationships: I am in a solid, meaningful romantic relationship. We are celebrating Valentine’s Day with full hearts. I am moreso living in the present, ever so hopeful about discussing our future as a family together.

Family: I have made many fond memories with my non-immediate family members. *My favorite aunt and her daughter come to visit. In the summer, my grandmother and I had a beautiful time at my cousin’s wedding in Italy. My mom and I have become better friends. My dad finally has health insurance. My brother made it to New York by Christmas — we get to hang out often.

Friends: *My best friend, her sister and I have made a giant, transformative journey into the land of Mongolia. I also reconnected with our college friends this past summer.

Community: *My yoga community and I are stronger and more intertwined with spirituality than ever. We are creating bigger events and really gaining some traction.

Recreation: *My upstate spring retreat was an intimate success. Megan and I planned a wonderful blogger-related retreat in Morocco in November, too.

Home: *My home is still in good shape. I love my building. I have gotten a nice couch.

Finance: I have made further investments by putting a significant chunk through my personal advisor. *I am still saving to save my eggs just in case by 33.

My outlook is continually optimistic, no matter what the storm.

I am known by more people for my holistic integration and balance.


I look back and talk to my ex. Or I stop dating or being open. Someone breaks my heart and I fall apart.

I suffer an injury or continue to solve emotional problems with food without portion control.

I get stuck at my job.

I still feel the side effects of depression.

I make the same mistakes.

I burst at my mom.

My friends can’t decide on a date for vacations.

Originally published at konakafe.com