Everyday life, for the lucky ones, is usually somewhat predictable. It includes tiresome, enjoyment, anxiety, pleasure, frustration, fulfilment, anger, some rare moments of inner peace. Repetitive, predictable events and conformity patterns create the anticipation of an untroubled future. So roughly in every year there is Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, summer and the days between them that are neatly put together in all its mess, disorder and regularity.

Chances are that smooth routine can be disrupted by something unexpected that usually comes in a page A4 size. A diagnosis. A few lines with confusing words difficult to pronounce and a not so confusing conclusion. It’s just a moment that changes everything. The sudden, unpredictable turn of the road. A deviation that creates another aspect of one’s self. Awareness of alteration comes in layers before being fully established in human spirit. When it does, change is being recorded in those very malfunctioned cells.

Life takes a new course and mind counts with caution one Christmas, one New Year’s Eve, one Easter, one summer and just hopes for the next.

It’s a race, a cruel test of one’s strength and resistance.

It’s an end, a beginning, a transformation, a state of mind, a rollercoaster…