Conscious awareness isn’t somehow created by our brain, but exists as an immersive consciousness field which connects all of us and orchestrates the whole Universe.

A crucial realization that we can all find easily, when we pay attention to the conscious awareness inside ourselves, is that we’re not as separate from other people as we seem to be.

Human life is a continuous series of transient moments and as we pay attention to thoughts of past or future, to the words and pictures on our screens, or to the world around us, our focussed attention drifts away from being consciously present, here and now.

Our thoughts about ourself and our life can easily become such a focus of our attention that we forget to occasionally pay attention to the consciousness inside us, the space inside us, which is just quietly experiencing everything.

When we pay attention to this inner space, we can quickly realize that it seems to exist through the boundary of our human body and all around us, inside everyone else.

This conscious cosmic space inside all of us, a field of cosmic consciousness, is allowing us to realize and know conscious awareness within the context of a human body.

It’s allowing us to experience a human life, as our body senses of sight, touch and hearing provide a stream of data to be processed by our brain.

Since childhood, this conscious awareness has been creating thought boundaries around a personal self, a sense of separation from the people around us.

This personal ego can be useful to us in the world, but can easily become dysfunctional if we don’t allow ourselves to gently dissolve it regularly, by paying attention to the spacious presence of conscious awareness inside us.

Ego is insecure because it’s a personal thought-construct or idea, a shallow conceptual fiction created since childhood, which has no grounding in the deeper, intuitively known, universal consciousness inside all of us.

Ideas about ourself which make up the core of ego provide a distorting lens through which we see the world and the reality we live in becomes coloured by our interpretations of it.

Although we’re joined into one conscious space with everyone around us and never actually separate from other people, we can seem to be separate from them when we’re inside the prism of ego and we’re focussing our attention on an incessant stream of thoughts which are warping our experience of the world.

Taking a focus of attention inward helps us dissolve these thought boundaries, realize a thought-free inner space and rediscover our intuitive connection into the one knowing which knows all of us as itself, the cosmic intelligence which is bringing all life into being throughout the Universe.

A single cosmic self exists inside all of us and becomes knowable as we allow our incessant thinking to dissolve away.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

As we gently hold a focus of attention in the quiet inner stillness of conscious awareness, we find that the usual stream of thoughts about ourself or other people begins to dissolve away.

We’ve found the inner presence of a consciousness that exists as an awareness-space around and between us and inside all of us everywhere.

We realize there’s no actual difference between the conscious awareness inside us and the conscious awareness inside other people and this realization can profoundly alter our experience of living in the world.

We’re all immersed together in one conscious experiencing-space, a field of cosmic consciousness that connects us in ways that can appear meaningful and synchronistic.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we are this cosmic consciousness, this conscious experiencing-space, appearing as separate living beings.

Realizing the essential oneness of conscious awareness helps us begin to dissolve the tribal separation we may be feeling about people who are different than us and awakens a cosmic sense of relationship and connectedness with our planet and all its living beings.

Focussing our attention inwardly, helps us tune into this spatial cosmic consciousness, get in sync with its synchronistic intelligence and access a stream of helpful intuitive insights.

As the continuously generated expressions of an infinite intelligence existing in all space in the Universe, we can access the transformative power of this spatial consciousness whenever we choose and we can intuitively channel insights and inspiration from this cosmic field-intelligence which orchestrates and connects all life everywhere.

Moving our attention inward allows us to know the presence of the generative source-intelligence that is continuously making the whole world out of itself, vibrationally transforming itself into the interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry.

A spatial cosmic intelligence-organism is the primary stuff of the Universe and everything that lives is a continuously generated expression of it, a vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, flowers, human beings and all life everywhere.

We’re all intrinsically connected into this expressive, always evolving, cosmic intelligence and becoming more conscious of this reality helps us make choices in the world which are in sync with the well-being of all of us and our planet.

As we sense our own continuous becoming moment by moment and know ourselves as a flow-process transforming cosmic energy into material human beings, we get closer to understanding the actuality of our world.

Each one of us is an infinite, unlimited cosmic intelligence transforming itself into the living form of a human being for the duration of a human life.

We’re cosmic beings, expressions of an intelligence existing in all space in the Universe and we can access the transformative power of this intelligence whenever we choose.

We can tune in to an infinite consciousness with unlimited capacity for change and evolution, a spatial cosmic intelligence which is orchestrating and binding together all of what we know as reality everywhere.

As we consciously realize ourselves as expressions of cosmic intelligence, we can find a larger sense of what it means to be human.


Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist.

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