Especially in our current work-from-home landscape, do you ever find yourself struggling to get dressed in the morning? Trust me, this is so common right now! Many of us are experiencing lack of motivation when it comes to putting in the effort we used to (or, at times, any effort at all!) in order to do the basic daily things we used to do to put ourselves together.

I have a little secret to share with you: there’s something beneficial about getting dressed that a lot of people don’t realize. Getting dressed clearly marks the beginning of the day and can even help put you into a positive mindset! It symbolizes that shift from night into morning and can be an energizing process. Especially in a work-from-home environment, making it a point to get dressed in the morning can be the difference between feeling like your days all run together and feeling like your days have some structure and routine. 

There’s something very energizing about getting yourself dressed and put together at the beginning of the day. As a snowball effect, you begin to feel more motivation to tackle your day and take on projects and tasks, rather than staying stuck in the sluggish feeling that can come from pajamas and sweatpants. We do ourselves a favor when we show up dressed for where we want to go rather than where we are today, in this case, showing up to your home office every day in an outfit that aspires to be in post-Covid era. Imagine having a sense of normalcy and familiarity back and dress for the part!

Just like your pick-me-up afternoon coffee, getting dressed and ready for the day helps give us a great boost, and this doesn’t just apply to work days, adopt this strategy for weekends, too! Weekends make it even easier to lounge around in our pajamas, right? Breaking this habit by getting dressed in the morning will emphasize the beginning of your day and allow you to structure your weekends so you can enjoy them more and waste less time wondering how they flew by so fast!

So the next time you’re finding it challenging to muster up the motivation and energy to get dressed in the morning, think about the rewards it brings: starting your day in a positive mindset, feeling confident, and setting yourself up for success! These things can go a long way toward improving both your workdays and your weekends!