(Disclaimer: If you are in recovery from an eating disorder and/or have any history of over-exercising, disordered eating, purging, over-exerting yourself, etc., please consult your treatment team, therapist and/or doctor before signing up. Like any program or structured content, it could be misused. I encourage those who may struggle with these things, or have history of these struggles, to use your best judgement and consult professionals before joining something that could disrupt your recovery process. This program is focused on how you feel, not what you look like, but I still feel it’s important to put out this disclaimer. Be safe and be well!)

Last month, one of my Instagram followers approached me about a wellness program she was creating. Even from first impressions, I could tell Sally wholeheartedly believed in the program. It’s certainly hard to come across that these days!

Now, I wanted to share her wellness program with you. By the way, I do not benefit in any way from sharing this! I just believe in her and I believe this content could benefit many.

So, Sally’s wellness program just launched. As someone who knows mental illness struggles, I have suggested some additional content and pieces to expand on so people who sign up feel supported in the best way possible.

Essentially, this wellness program, called Booty & Brains x Alpha Gal, was inspired by Sally’s consistent work volunteering, especially when working with women getting out of abusive relationships. In this work, Sally often found that women suffering trauma struggled to take care of themselves, and in turn, struggled with self worth, body image and their overall wellness.

My favorite part about the title of her program is that people could look at it and assume it’s just about getting a bigger butt, but oh boy — it is so much more!

Included in this program are various sections including workout, nutrition, advice columns, forums, and my favorite — mental health challenges.

Of course there is some content focused on nutrition and exercise, but what I adore about this program is that the focus is always on mental health and how you feel, not what you look like. Here’s an excerpt from one of her advice columns:

What I admire about Sally is that she wanted to create a bridge in between this isolation such trauma can impact the human psyche, as a way to encourage people to find inspiration and support, and ultimately, so people can feel encouraged enough to seek professional help, too, along their journey. Sally emphasizes on her website, “While I welcome all women, this program is not meant to be used as a replacement for therapy. If you have been abused, or you feel that you may have been in an abusive relationship, please seek professional help”.

As someone who has overcome traumatic experiences in life and has struggled to find community and meaning in my own life because of how isolating it can feel, I really appreciate Sally creating this program.

There are spaces within the website for people to support one another, and I love that to be a part of the conversation, of course, you must be enrolled (bye bye trolls!!). I also truly love the pages and pages of content that people who sign up receive! I’ve definitely seen my fair share of programs that seem to lack content, or feel kinda vague, so I appreciate how much time and energy she has put into this program.

Lastly, I’d like to touch on the fact that because this program just launched, there may be some things Sally can change or improve on. She isn’t a huge company or a celeb! She is just a wonderful individual who wants to help. I also encourage those who are interested and/or sign up, to please leave feedback for her on what you’d like to see more of in the program! I personally suggested branching out from just women to suffer abuse, and addressing anyone anywhere who has experienced a trauma in life and wants to get their life back on track in self caring and mindful ways.

I truly believe that if you’re looking for some additional structure to your healing, you check out this program. There is a one-time payment of $30, and you receive access to all the content and forums. I also believe in supporting people who are in this field for the right reasons.

Sally is currently working on her MSW degree a the University of Southern California. I would love to work with her in the future and have suggested rolling out ambassador options once she gets more people interested, and ideally continues to improve on this program! For now, I’m just a friend supporting another friend!

I’ll be using this program right alongside anyone else who decides to take the leap! I think it is so wonderful someone who cares about these topics, and wants to make a positive impact on this world, is at the front of this. I love how unique this program is — to address both our wellness and our own struggles that may have hindered our growth, because wellness is truly about healing all parts of us — not just what others see. 

This post was originally published on LexieManion.com.