What if you could create everything you desire in business with more ease than you ever thought possible? What if what is not currently working with your business could improve quickly, and everything that is working could get even better? Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. Contrary to what many of us have been taught, it is not external circumstances that create success. It is YOU.

You are the source for creating your life and your business. Recognizing this removes all excuses and empowers you to get to work in actualizing what it is you desire.

These are my top 4 tips for getting out of the way of YOU in business.

1.   What do you desire?

If you could have anything as your life and as your future, what would it be? Notice, the question is not, “If you could have anything as your business, what would it be?”. Business is not separate from you. It is a part of everything that you are choosing and creating and when you know what it is you truly desire, you can begin to move towards that in all aspects of your life, including business.

Most of us were not taught to ask for what we desire. It was either stated, or implied, that there were limited choices in life and the reality is many of us created our lives based on those limited choices only to wake up one day and realize it does not actually work for us. That is ok. It is never too late to start. Ask, “If I could have anything I desire as my life, what would it be?” Now write down 8 – 10 things. How much money do you desire? Do you wish to travel? How often? Do you wish to do something that contributes to others? To the earth? Clarify what it is you desire.

2.   Ask 

When you look at your list of 8 – 10 things, if you find that what you desire is very different from your current life and business, don’t judge that and don’t judge you. It is never too late to start, and it can be far easier than you might think. Look at your list and perceive it will be like when that is your reality. Now, pull those things in. How? Simply ask. When you are clear on what you desire and you ask for it to show up, things will start to ping you. Follow those pings. The whole universe wants to contribute to you. The world wants to give you everything you desire—but you don’t ask. You must ask.

3.   Acknowledge your successes

Many years ago, I made $100,000 very quickly in a business venture. As soon as I hit that $100,000 mark, I started having problems financially. Why? There was a time in the past that I had set a target to hit $100,000. At the time, that was a big number. When I reached that target, I did not pause and acknowledge that I had achieved something I set out to achieve and when you don’t acknowledge when this occurs, you start to diminish the success you have created.

Acknowledge your successes and all the targets you have hit. Acknowledge that you were the source for creating them. Now, ask for more! How much more would I like to create now? What would be fun for me?

4.   Stop avoiding mistakes

Many people in business are very committed to not making mistakes. Guess what occurs when you are committed to not making mistakes? Mistakes. My point of view, if you desire to create something, there will be “mistakes”. So what? Get up. Dust yourself off and try again.

I had a great horse who was afraid of big trucks. I was riding along the street one day when a big truck was approaching, and my horse decided to spook and jump sideways into what he thought was tall grass. It was short grass, and he went down on all 4 knees, hurting himself. That was the last time he spooked because of a truck. Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from horses. Horses don’t repeat the same mistake. They take in the information and do something different the next time. Clearly, horses are smarter than most people.

When we look at what our choices create, rather than labeling them as mistakes, we gain awareness that contributes to our lives and our futures. When things don’t turn out the way you would like them to, when you make a mistake, rather than judging you and that choice as a failure, ask questions such as, “What is right about this that I am not getting? What is right about me that I am not getting? And what do I know now that I did not know before?” Ask and receive the awareness of greater possibilities.

When you recognize that you are the source for creating the life, business, and future you desire, anything can change. Look at what it is you desire and ask for it. Acknowledge where you have had success. Don’t judge your mistakes. Rather, take the gift of awareness that each choice creates and leap forward into possibilities.