Are you ready to take a trip down the path of the fun, the musical, and the slightly surprising? Meet BLEAM (@BLEAM), the latest signee to Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records. As part of a growing roster of incredible hitmakers such as Avicii, Afrojack, and Steve Angello, BLEAM is taking over the house music and club scene with tracks such as “Antigua” and his newest release “Freak Show.”

The creative mind behind BLEAM is DJ Ryan Eshaghi – a rising DJ and producer from Southern California. We recently sat down with BLEAM to learn more about his path to success, and discover a bit more about what makes this hitmaker tick.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Journey To BLEAM

“Thanks for having me – I was born and raised in Southern California by two incredible parents. My mom has always emphasized following my heart and my dreams, and she is one of my biggest supporters in chasing after my goals to get into the creative industry. My dad has always been the first to teach me the practical aspects of life and how hard work is key to making any goal possible.

I grew up playing piano (unfortunately not nearly as good now), and I think that was what really opened the door to thinking that I could actually build a music project. I used to write melodies and lyrics on my little notepad in school so I wouldn’t forget when I got home, and then hop on the keyboard to try and create something. Music is really just a feeling, and I would always try and evoke an emotion from whatever I came up with.

My first real introduction to electronic music was in high school – my friends and I would always blast bootleg Soundcloud remixes and mashups on our way to lunch, and we created new friendships that way too, just by sharing music with others. I started off by trying to mimic some of my favorite producers – at the time it was Jerry Folk, Flume, and Illenium. As I started listening more and discovering new genres, I resonated with house and techno the most – and that’s pretty much how BLEAM came about. Some of my current favorites in the scene are Cloonee, Tinlicker, Bryan Kessler, and Charlotte de Witte. I began producing around three years ago and I launched the BLEAM project about a year later, and in mid-2019 I played my first show. Somehow, I got signed to my first label from a cold email, and it’s been a fun journey ever since. I’m stoked to release more stuff in the years to come.”

What Made You Jump From Bedroom Producer to Performing Artist?

“The “jump” is really a matter of getting better at your craft and getting people to listen to and identify with your brand. I’ve spent countless hours sending demos around and trying to get my music heard, and it fortunately got picked up by a few of the right people. But it’s also about learning the business/branding side of music and getting on the radar of event promoters and talent buyers. They usually give you a review when you perform a gig or two for the first time, so it’s important to practice transitions at home and nail it come gameday. A close friend of mine helped me land my first couple gigs, and I’ve utilized the power of the internet to connect with people all over for other opportunities.”

Let’s Talk About Your Passion, Blockchain. Why Is It Important to You?

“I just love everything about decentralization. I think 2020 was the year where a lot of issues were brought to light – and we pretty much had a mini civil war. Blockchain can play a huge part in creating the “good” systems we want, and I’m all about building technology that empowers the average citizen rather than the man at the top. I think that’s where blockchain has the most potential to transform lives – it brings integrity, efficiency, and transparency to the table. I’m also consulting for a decentralized music rights marketplace startup right now, and I’m stoked.”

Tells Us About One Of Your Personal Heroes

“One of my big inspirations/heroes is Elon Musk. This dude is just on a different level, and his ability to just create and innovate amazes and inspires me. I can still remember the days when Wall Street would crap on Musk just because he was a newcomer to the scene and had big aspirations.

No matter what they threw at him, he just believed in himself and kept moving forward. His ability to attract smart people to build his ideas shows that he is a genius businessman at heart, while still trying to exist in a hyper-sensitive American economy and culture. I try to find balance in my own life that way as well. You can’t please everyone, so you have to just continue pushing forward.”

What Is Next For BLEAM?

“Music, and more music. I’m excited to put out some of my favorite records in 2021 and playing more shows when the time permits.”

Listen To BLEAM Now On Spotify

As BLEAM, Eshaghi has seen a fast rise in the niche industry. He has performed for thousands of people and enjoyed breakout success with his releases of “Antigua” and “Soul Searching”. Listen to BLEAM on your favorite platform online, and keep an eye on Spotify for brand new BLEAM coming soon!

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