When I got pregnant with my daughter, I held my breath. It had taken us two years to get pregnant, one egg retrieval, and three embryo transfers of two embryos each before I finally saw a positive line on a pregnancy test. 

The pregnancy went without a hitch, but I was so consumed with it working out that by the time my due date drew near, my husband and I were unprepared for our baby girl’s arrival.

We needed to get an entire nursery together — and I promised my sister, who was graciously throwing me a last minute baby shower, a complete and well thought out registry.

Almost ready to pop

I was overwhelmed to say the least. Friends sent me must-have lists and I scoured the Internet. I watched far more influencers’ YouTube videos than I care to admit selling me whatever products they were paid to promote.

I knew two things: I wanted all safe items for my baby girl, and I wanted beautiful, soft, high quality goods. 

Sadly, I discovered that most baby products — toys, clothing, bath accessories, furniture, you name it — are full of toxic chemicals that seep into the precious and very vulnerable systems of newborn babies. I went down the rabbit hole of research about the dangers lurking in everything from crib sheets and onesies to rocking chairs and car seats. I was terrified and starting to feel stumped. 

I found some safe products, but many were bland. I wanted beautiful. This was my first baby! I dreamed of a pretty, inviting nursery and adorable, cozy pajamas and sweet hooded towels.

It seemed I could find cute products. And I could find some safe products. But it took me a bit to find brands that were both. 

Finally, I did. Some of my now favorites — Posh Peanut, Kyte Baby, Nuna, and Solly Wrap — saved the day. They offered high quality and beautiful options for my new baby. Fun prints and soft, safe fabrics! 

And Pottery Barn. Oh thank goodness for Pottery Barn! They became my one stop shop for my registry and nursery. Much of their furniture is GreenGuard Certified — which means it’s safe for baby. Even better, I discovered that they have designers on staff who can talk out every last detail of your nursery with you — for free. I have my strengths but interior design and decorating is not one of them and my husband and I had been in a long debate about the cost of hiring someone to help. The designers sent me mood boards, gave me their advice about layout options and helped me make sure I ordered items that would come in time for my baby girl. 

As I approached motherhood, I appreciated  having a house full of cozy, pretty, and safe items I could trust for my precious newborn. And my nursery looked like it popped out of a magazine. I was ready for my baby, and prepared before I descended into a postpartum haze (but more on that another time).

Baby girl arrived!

Getting pregnant was a long and difficult journey for me — and the transition to motherhood next level — but thankfully the nitty gritty prep of being ready to bring home baby didn’t have to be.