There’ll be a time when the current global crisis is no longer front and center in our lives.

We’ll have moved on. Developed new vaccines and antiviral drugs to lessen its impact on our lives and adjusted to the presence of this new virus.

Meanwhile, there are scary moments, amid the realization that everything seems different, and we’re all trying to avoid becoming infected.

Perhaps it takes unusual and traumatic events, like the ones we’re currently experiencing, for us to rediscover inside ourselves something intrinsic to our nature as human beings, something primal, deeper and more universal than we were living with previously, in our everyday world. Before the virus.

The unconditional generosity of friends and neighbors helping each other through this crisis, or volunteering to deliver food parcels, even at risk to their own health, is an expression of a widespread, spontaneous intuitive realization that at the core of all of us, there’s an underlying, inexpressible consciousness joining us together.

Something inside all of us, that we neglected to pay much attention to in our usual busy life, before the new normal arrived to alter our experience of the everyday.

Now we’re maybe self-isolating, spending more time alone, perhaps with more time to reflect on the nature of things, faced with the everyday possibility of serious and maybe fatal risk to our health.

Paradoxically, forced into separation, we now have the time and space to intuitively realize the deepest and most universal consciousness that exists inside all of us, the conscious awareness that dissolves all apparent separation between us.

We’re realizing there’s no actual ‘other’, only the appearance of others.

Such a softening and dissolving of our usual separate-self thought boundaries may not outlast the crisis, but even if it doesn’t, we’ve seen a glimpse of radical neighborly unselfishness, and other expressions of our common and universal humanity all around the planet, and been touched by it.

The reality of living in a separate human body is usually so at the center of our mind that it persuades us that our conscious awareness is also separate.

A few moments focusing our attention in the inner core of ourselves tends to gently dissolve this illusion. A single conscious awareness, a spacious universal consciousness exists inside all of us.

We’re more aware of it when we momentarily focus our attention inside ourselves, taking our attention away from our screens and the world around us.

Knowing the conscious now moment, and allowing thoughts of the future, the past, our current life situation and even our separation from others to dissolve away, brings us to the realization that a field of conscious intelligence throughout the Universe is transforming cosmic energy into living beings everywhere.

This is a realization of the primacy of consciousness, that each one of us is an unlimited cosmic intelligence transforming itself into the living form of a human being for the duration of a human life.

Rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone, we can begin to see ourselves as the living expressions of one evolving field of consciousness inside all of us, and in all space everywhere.

A single cosmic field of consciousness is expressing itself as all material form and all experience of that form.

We’re the one cosmic spatial intelligence that joins us.

Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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