Are you sometimes uncomfortable being present with your own inner experience? Much of the reason for that is because of internal judging, comparing ourselves to some standard of perfection, and falling short of how we feel we should be.

There is often energy in our body that does not feel okay, and it drives distraction, addiction, and the many ways we avoid knowing ourselves in a deep way. Every time we tune in, relax our body, breathe deeply and see what is happening from the neck down, we get to know ourselves a bit better.

Last night’s practice was an inquiry using a series of questions. Try these questions, either written or in this guided practice, and see what comes forward. Try not to “figure it out”. Drop in the question and watch what happens.

It is good to know what is holding us back. Many of these patterns are rooted in core deficiency beliefs that began in childhood. How can we be free to follow our passion and joy if there is a internal experience of uneasiness, resistance and shaming? It is possible to see and release this and become your own supporter and friend.

Try this. See if there is a willingness to go inside, without judging, and be present with what is.

Getting To Know Me!

What do I like about myself, who I am, my life? How do I feel about looking at and acknowledging what is positive?

What do I not like, judge, shame, or feel like I need to improve? Am I beyond redemption? If so, how do I know that?

Do I know enough about past trauma and its effect on my nervous system and thoughts to let go of blaming myself for human survival mechanisms?

Can I be at peace with who I am now given my history and the innocence of my strategies (however ineffective or damaging they appear now)?

Wishing something was different, holding ourselves accountable, judging ourselves. Can I be kind and compassionate without letting go of determining right or wrong? Even if I don’t agree with my actions, can I be friends with myself anyway?

What is in the way of freedom? What purpose did it serve? Do I still need that level of protection? What could I release and let go off duty?

What is in the way of being my own friend? If I can’t let it go completely, am I willing to let it go?

What does my heart know?