The “D” in this map or framework represents Destiny, Dream, Direction, or Destination, forged in the quiet present moment of stillness, with access to Big Mind, (or Being/ Universal Intelligence/ God, Universal Love, etc.), as opposed to the fearful voice of ego.

The D Map: Destiny and Life Design

With reference to the D Map, our Destiny can be motivated from fear and pain, or flow naturally from a powerful State of Being. That said, suffering can be a great teacher, if and when, challenging life situations arise, and may be a very necessary part of our growth.

It is assumed that when we pass away, the human form no longer exists other than dust ultimately, while the life force, the forever-Being, (the difference between your current self and your corpse), an energy that cannot be destroyed, transforms, becoming our next mysterious adventure.  Now which side of us should we nurture, the permanent forever-Being side or the impermanent human side? The Map suggests that we need to take care that, as far as possible, our Destiny is aligned with our permanent True Self, rather than our impermanent Ego Self.

This is consistent with the statement of Russell E. Dicarlo writing in the preface to Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of NOW,” (Hodder and Stoughton 2005 edition), that “our ultimate destiny is to re-connect with our essential Being and express from our extraordinary, divine reality in the ordinary physical world, moment by moment.” That is to say we need to manifest from our eternal state of forever-Being or True Self rather than from our time-bound state of conditioned ego.

Things and conditions may provide us with pleasure, yet these are often temporary. The new home, the new car, the new degree award may thrill us for a week or two! That said, if you have arranged your life well – vocation, partner, family, home, car, environment, etc. – and you are doing things that you enjoy, then you have much to be grateful for on a regular basis.  And I’m not knocking a good education that may be a necessary prerequisite for a glorious career or any of the material things mentioned. If you really want something, then go get it! So long as you’re not staking your future happiness on its achievement because you may find the pleasure quite short lived, and time wasted has gone forever. “Oh, I’ve got that now but I still feel a bit empty! There’s still something missing, and something more I need, before I can really feel fulfilled!” On the other hand, it does make sense to create a financial “nest egg” early on, to free yourself from financial pressures later in life. This can give you both time, as well as financial freedom, which are potentially very precious if used wisely.

Our choices in life should provide us with joy while contributing to the whole – all life.  This really suggests that our primary purpose is to operate from forever-Being as True Self as much as possible, manifesting relatively effortlessly from that State of Being according to our heart’s desires. It is generally recognized that our main choices in life concern being, doing, and having (or acquiring). Consistent with the D Map, forever-Being is the most important. Before we “decide” what to do and have, we need to know who we are. Once that we are clear on who we are – discovered, realized our true selves as forever-Being – then decisions about the doing and having should become easier. Seeing through the eyes of forever-Being, you will make better and happier choices.

Realize deeply that you are already enough, whole and complete, and that pursuing a destiny is just a game that you choose to play, and since you happen to be here on Planet Earth for a short time, you might as well do something worthwhile. You are happy now, not when the next (of many) goals are accomplished. Living this way, you can be at peace just about always, and happy most of the time.

Tomorrow… Part 2: Working out what you want in life

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