The only time that you can change your direction or destiny is now, this very moment. Factors that you may want to consider are:

  1. Your State of Consciousness and Well-being
  2. Your Wheel of Life
  3. Making your Mark (Your One Thing)
  4. Your Values
  5. Your Strengths
  6. Your Preferences
  7. A Systematic Process for Planning and Executing Your Goals

Item 1 is about creating from a higher state of consciousness and with your well-being, happiness and authenticity as top priorities.

Item 2 is about life themes that impact your well-being such as health, wealth, family and friends, career, romantic relationships, hobbies, personal development, time freedom and the physical environment.

Item 3 is about having a purpose and making a difference. What’s your one thing? Do you have a vision or beacon to help set direction?

Item 4 is about what’s important to you – such as freedom, love, health, energy, variety, contribution, etc.

Item 5 is about identifying and employing your strengths to help provide meaning and fulfillment– and don’t necessarily assume you know what these are – you can take tests to find out. See for example a simple signature strengths assessment available at You can also ask people that you trust for feedback.

Item 6 is about knowing your preferences – such as your thinking and learning styles and choice of life pursuits.

Item 7 can make use of strategic planning maps that take you from here to there by means of a strategy that steers you through challenges, (or obstacles identified), to achieve your vision, mission and objectives. A related technique is the “4D” Map developed by the author covering Diagnosis, Destination, (life) Design and Doing; the latter refers to execution of an ‘Action Plan’ derived from the (life) design stage of this map.

The above provides you with some of the most important and fundamental building blocks for designing your future.

Tomorrow… Part 3: Goals versus “no needs”

Reference: Peak Performance!! Merging Spirituality & Success Principles available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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