According to Jesus, whenever you ask for something, believe that you have received it, and it will be given to you.  We could define a belief as a thought that you feel to be true. In order to manifest your desire, feel it to be true that you already have it, then hold on to that feeling and whatever comes up for you such as images and feelings. Note that you really have to believe, otherwise it doesn’t work, so Jesus advises “according to your faith it is done unto you.”  Coming from the perspective of forever-Being, which implies truth, faith, good vibrations, intuition and no-needs you can create more readily.

If you employ affirmations such as “I’m a millionaire” when your net worth is negative, this may not feel (vibrate) right and fail to produce results. In order to overcome such disbelief and resultant self-sabotage Noah St. John advises to engage in self-talk questions such as “why am I so rich?” This stimulates the mind-body to come up with positive thoughts, feelings and actions that align with the question.  In this particular case, the mind may come up with non-monetary sources of richness or abundance.

And, again with reference to Jesus, “it is the father who doeth the works.”  The Creator, the Source, works through us, the created ones. Life flows from the Creator as it has always done, and continues to do so in every moment, across, quite possibly, countless Universes and countless life forms. We are co-creators, manifesting desires using our free-will, while the life-energy of Source works to bring it about.

Tomorrow… Part 5: Fulfillment

Reference: Peak Performance!! Merging Spirituality & Success Principles available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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