It doesn’t have to be the start of a new year to set goals. Setting goals and intentions for the year ahead are integral in attracting what you want.

Ask yourself: In the next year of your life, what do you want to be different today, tomorrow, or even for the whole year? What intentions or plans can you make? What is it that you want to be different in your life both in how you feel and what you have?

Whether you want to up your game in your business, have better relationships, make more money, improve your mental, physical, emotional wellbeing, feel more connected overall, or have more abundance in all areas of your life, etc. these types of goals are part of your journey to finding wholeness and fulfillment.

I’m going to challenge you to look at the way you may have been doing things to achieve and get what you want. It’s the outdated model of cause and effect. That ‘effort’ to push. To respond and react to get results. I’m going to tell you about a better way so you can achieve it with ease and flow. 

These are the beginning steps to make that happen with a foundation of science and soul.

1. Think of the area of your life that you can transform with the right amount of focus and intention.

That’s what this is really about. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable in the areas of our lives that will allow us to feel whole as individuals. With that, think about the area you would transform into something different if you put in the correct effort. You have to do the right practices with the right tools in the right way to get the outcomes that we truly desire. 

2. Go inward and reflect on the thoughts and the feelings that show up for you 

When you think about how you want to be different in the next year, how does it make you feel?

We are bioelectrical beings, and we know this from the medical field, when they have to look at your brain. When they have to check out our heart, it’s an EEG and EKG. Why do they do that? Why is that the tool? Because these thoughts might produce the uncomfortable and even daunting feelings that result in heart palpitations due to a little bit of fear, dread, etc. On the other hand, you might feel motivation or excitement from the goals you are setting. Any of these feelings are normal when thinking about change.

3. Attraction.

It essentially states that we can actually attract and draw in what we want in our lives based on our thoughts and our feelings with focused attention. Yes, you have to take action, but it has to be aligned with the thoughts and the feelings to get what it is that we desire from the old model of cause and effect plus willpower, which most of us operate under on a daily basis. It’s that behavioral model we learned as THE way of learning, achieving, and getting what we want. 

Biochemically, our hormones dictate our emotions. When we are super excited, go for a run, eat chocolate, or get a long hug, we get those elevated endorphins known as the feel good hormones. Thus, our hormones dictate how we feel. We are in charge of the things that we talk to ourselves about, the things we believe, the things that upset us, and the things that uplift and empower us. 

Something that can hinder this process of attraction is an attitude of expectation and victim mindset which embodies expecting different results from people, places and things. Outcomes and experiences are the evidence of that. So moving forward, shifting away from the cause and effect model because it’s outdated, ineffective and sets you up for disappointment and failure.  The attraction model will allow you to live and work with greater ease, achieve better outcomes, and have greater clarity along the way.

4. Unlearning patterns of conditioning

Everything that we feel based on situations and circumstances have just been conditioning patterns of the past. Despite this, you can change it by deciding that you’re going to feel differently in any given situation. On our journey to wholeness, to feeling good within us no matter what’s going on around us, we need to get control over our mind and our emotions which will also draw in more of the things that we desire. 

Our electrical energy that both projects and attracts from our heart and our brain. Our thoughts are putting off a vibration of energy. The brain translates that and interrupts the meaning and that is transmitted to the heart, as well as, produces a matching emotional chemical reaction. Our heart energy field reaches about a six feet radius. The more elevated our emotional (energetic) state the easier it is for others to connect and feel our energy. 

Personally, I’ve experienced it over and over. When you’re conscious and you’re making your immediate shifts, you’re going to experience this connection. Yes, your thoughts, feelings and emotions plus your focus, dictate your outcomes. The point here is our inner energy projects outward. What we see, feel, and experience is based on that. 

5. Channeling your energy

The law of energy is that energy attracts energy. With that, what does this look like in different areas of your life? For example, when you get onto your negative tangents and you just hang in that space, then you start noticing everybody else is being negative around you as well. Everyone might be making negative comments, we start criticizing, we start taking things personally, etc.

This is due to the fact that our energy is projecting out more than it is attracting in. To change that, bring it back to the earlier questions: What do you want to be different? How do you want to be this year? What is the energy that you want to have more of? After you think about “what,” think about the energy it will bring you such as a sense of appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, joy, excitement, whatever those positive energies are for you.

Energy attracts energy. You can’t have what you aren’t. Which reveals the problem with the cause and effect model that reflects  “when this changes, then I’ll change” or “when I have this, then I’ll feel happy.” These are reactions to our environment rather than creating our environment. We are the creators and we are energetic beings that have the ability to attract anything that we want.

We do that through the thoughts and the emotions that we are living with any moment. So if for example, you want to feel more connected in my relationships, you want my employees to respect me more, or have more cohesiveness in my work space. Ask: what are you doing that’s not allowing that? How do you need to be to draw more of that in? Maybe it is to feel more confident. Well, what are you believing about how you look or how others are perceiving you? If that answer is something negative, then that’s always the feedback that you’re going to keep giving yourself, because it’s the energy that you’re putting out repetitively. 

Thus, if you’re not getting what you’re desiring on the outside, in your life, in whatever area that is, it’s because there’s inner work that needs to be done. This inner work may be repatterning negative thoughts and beliefs, getting more clarity on your values and desired outcomes, and healing aspects of yourself that could be blocking you from getting in alignment with your goals. 

Work on your feelings of joy and ease and excitement and peace and gratification. Be intentional in demonstrating  gratitude and appreciation. This is the energy of the heart that is going to draw in the love and compassion from within, so that you’re producing that bigger positive energy that’s going to draw in anything that you desire.


  • Donna Nelson

    Holistic Empowerment & Conscious Leadership Coach | Event Speaker | Organizational Well-being Consultant | BS Psychology | Self-Proclaimed People Whisperer

    Donna Nelson is founder of Primal Roots Wellness, LLC a mind-body coaching practice with a whole-self approach focused on conscious leadership where she is redefining how to achieve personal and professional fulfillment with a unique fusion of evidence-based energy-focused tools and strategies with transformational mindset coaching, holistic self healing modalities and empowering lifestyle strategies to help you break free of the mental and emotional clutter so you can feel more confident and leverage your energy to live an empowered, authentic life with ease. To learn more about her work, to invite her to speak at your next event or coordinate a company retreat visit As a struggling single mom she started a passion project to support other single mom's: Adopt-a-Single-Mom Project in Northeastern Pennsylvania.