“Sometimes” is all it takes at the end of it all to survive another day, another moment, another incident is hearing someone’s voice, speaking a few words, and/or connecting somehow with another person then suddenly you are on the other side of the storm, it has passed and there is a possibility of a rainbow which is as simple as not facing aloneness. To me aloneness makes up life’s impossibility. That is what this new venture of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is awarding everybody. That gift. The gift of connectedness in their parent-coaching program.

We wish for them at their 2017 Winter Wish Gala on December 12th, 2017 greatness.

Donate to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids on the idea alone that their new parent coaching program gives that connection to someone who is afraid, someone who is facing that aloneness that makes up life’s impossibility. That voice is invaluable, priceless, life changing, and for sure a game changer.

We recently had an amazing opportunity to be connected to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Fred and Terry alone are awesome and kind.

“The gift of it all is the amazing grace of a new world being created and born, where everyone is getting the best chance anyone could have at a healthy and better life. Truly, when there is a community that is not divided with social, economic or political boundaries, love endures and everybody helps. The issue of drug and alcohol use and abuse becomes equalized.” – Susie Spain HP, 2013

By Susie Spain