Finding the perfect gift for loved ones can be overwhelming, so we asked notable well-being experts and celebrities to share the healthy, stress-reducing gifts they are most excited to give (and get!) this year. Get inspired for someone on your list — or treat yourself this holiday season. 

Ayesha Curry, chef, TV personality, and author

“This year has been a particularly busy one for my friends and family, so this year’s gifts are all about self-care. I know life tends to get even more stressful around the holidays, so I want to make sure to gift the people I love things that will help them refuel and re-energize for another year ahead.”

Candles for calm 

“One of my tips for the holidays are to stock up on some easy, go-to items to have at the ready so you’re never scrambling at the last minute for gifts. You can never go wrong with some good quality candles. One of my favorites right now is from Jo Malone.” 

Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt, $60

Great cooking set

“I know for a lot of people, the new year is when people try and make an effort to cook more meals at home and eat healthier. To help a family member or friend reach that goal and feel inspired to get back into their kitchen, cookware is the way to go. For someone new to cooking, a 9-piece set is the perfect starter kit. For a more veteran chef, gift a piece that can supplement their current collection of pots and pans. My recent obsession is my brand new Covered Deep Skillet which comes in a gorgeous black and white marble, perfect for every style of kitchen.

Ayesha Curry 9-piece cooking set, $99

Devotional journal

“Another great gift, which is something I use everyday, is a devotional journal. This the one I keep in my purse, and it is filled with daily Bible verses and words of encouragement.” 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, $19.99

Mindful kids cards

“For friends and family with kids, I also love these Little Renegades Cards. Each deck comes with 40 two-sided cards that give fun exercises to do with little ones to teach them mindfulness. They also make great stocking stuffers!”

Little Renegades, $19

Aly Raisman, Olympic gymnast and author 

A cozy scarf

“Giving this scarf is like giving a warm hug. I like the Miami Pink, since it inspires optimism.”

Aerie Neon Blanket Scarf, $15

Mindful sneakers

“A sneaker encourages fitness, wellness, and self-care. They can serve as a reminder to move and take self-care moments for yourself every day, which is part of my daily routine.”

York Athletic Sneakers, $99

Molly Sims, actress, model, author, philanthropist, and executive producer of The Home Edit

“I don’t want anything this year — I really just want to spend the holidays with my family, and want my kiddos to make me something sweet. My favorite gift that I always love to receive is a beautiful framed photo from a special moment. I love to gift my favorite items I discovered over the past year.”

Beauty finds

“My favorites are Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, Tom Ford sheer highlighting duo in ‘Reflect Gilt,’ and Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil in geranium and orange blossom.” 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, $145

Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo, $84

Rodin Olio Lusso, $170

Cute kids dishes

“I’m also obsessed with fable dishes from Fawnshop — so are my kiddos!” 

Fable 3-piece dish set, $20

Pretty glassware

“For a perfect hostess gift, I would give anything from LSA International glassware.”

LSA International Pearl Vase, $24

Autumn Calabrese, trainer on Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body

Intention cards

“I am giving Gabrielle Bernstein’s card decks. For the spiritual person in your life looking for a little extra positive motivation, these cards are perfect. You can choose between The Universe Has Your Back deck and the Super Attractor deck. I have both, and turn to them regularly to help keep me in a positive mindset.”

Super Attractor deck, $19.95

A self-care basket

“I’m all about self-care, so a gift basket with some of the best self-care essentials is always a great gift. You can include lavender Epsom salts, essential oils for relaxation that can be diffused in the house or bedroom, a stress ball or mini foam roller, magnesium topical spray to help with sleep, and one of my favorites — the ‘damn it’ doll.”

Dammit Doll, $17

Lavender epsom salts, $4.99

Mini foam roller, $16.99

Jodi Balfour, Actress on For All Mankind

A relaxing massage                   

“A cellular stimulation massage from Ricari Studios — in L.A. or N.Y. —with a little bottle of The Nue Co’s Functional Fragrance — an anti-stress supplement in the form of a fragrance that I’m head over heels for! — attached to the gift card is what I am giving this year.”

Ricardi Studios Massage, $250

Functional Fragrance, $30

Yoga classes or a retreat

“If someone who loves me was feeling extremely generous, the dream would be a yoga retreat with Sky Ting Yoga, led by co-founder Chloe Kernaghan. I love the way Chloe teaches yoga, and the environment she creates in her classes. There’s a lot of influence from Katonah and Iyengar yoga, and an emphasis on nature and joy. I always feel grounded and rejuvenated after her classes, which never take on the rigidity or seriousness of some other yoga experiences I have had in my life. The retreats that Sky Ting — and their sister studio in L.A., Love Yoga — create are always in beautiful, inspiring parts of the world, which allow you to merge a love of travel and wellness!”

Sky Ting Yoga, packages starting at $22

Cassey Ho, fitness entrepreneur and founder of Blogilates

“I need the gift of rest. Rest is so important, and I find myself sacrificing it in order to get more in, and to get more done. I need to slow down. And you know what? That is a gift I can give myself. I need to stop depriving myself of rest in exchange for productivity.”

Fitness planner

“My friend and I always work out together and discuss new healthy — usually cauliflower — recipes we find on Pinterest, so I’ll be giving out fitness planners! It is perfect for keeping all of us on track. It has a place to log your food, your mood, your workouts, your water intake, your sleep, your habits, and your to-do list.”

Fitness Planner, $39

Jessamyn Stanley, yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and writer

“I know this is cheesy, but the only gift I’d like is the joy of being able to spend time with my family. I spend so much time on the road that I rarely get to see them, and every year we’re able to reunite feels like a gift I ought not take for granted.”

Jade rollers 

“2019 was the year I truly gave into gemstones, and I’ve been eyeing items like Jade face rollers as gifts for my friends and family.”

Jade Roller, $30

Carly Hughes,

“This has been a busy year for me, so I’m really hoping Santa brings me some self-care. I’ve come to love the physical and mental benefits of a good massage, and will never say no to one! And I do enjoy a good facial. I’m pretty good about my skin care regimen, but it never hurts to have a professional give you the once-over; the results are instant and you leave glowing and feeling good about yourself.”

Comfy flats

“I’ll also be giving a few lucky someones a pair of AllBirds shoes. Now, if you know me, you know that I were heels every day, but Allbirds are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. They’re so lightweight and made from the best material, they’ve become my ultimate errand running shoe. And I think I need to spread the love!”

Allbirds, starting at $95 

Blue light-blocker glasses

“I’ve also really become a nerd for Blue Blocker glasses. We are constantly staring at our screens and phones, and we never really realize the long term damage we’re doing. Blue Blockers prevent block out harmful blue light and U.V. rays. And good news: They’re much cuter than when they came out in the ’90s! There are tons of brands now that sell very cute, stylish, and affordable protective eyewear.”

Warby Parker, prices vary

Michele Promaulayko, Editorial Director-at-Large for THE WELL + author of  Sugar Free 3

Aromatherapy diffuser

“I’m a huge believer in aromatherapy — I almost always have a diffuser running in my house, and I pick the essential oil to use based on my need state: sleep, energy, clarity, immunity, creativity. Plus, it just makes your space smell divine, so it works as a gorgeous present for just about anyone.”

 Vitruvi Diffuser, $119

A wellness toolkit

“My friend, movement specialist Lauren Roxburgh, has a suite of body-working tools that are brilliant. Her foam roller is the perfect density and I love her new Body Sphere. It’s great for self-massage and as a workout tool. Even better, it deflates so you can travel with it! What better to give someone who is always on the go?

 Aligned Life Body-working Tool Kit, $121

A great skillet

“Give the gift of clean eating with non-toxic cookware. The non-stick surface of this pretty pan is made of ceramic coating, not Teflon. And the company’s website has a reference guide for recycling your old pots and pans. Awesome idea for home cooks.”

 Great Jones Small Fry Skillet, $45

Kelly Noonan Gores, writer, director, producer of HEAL

Paint set

“I love giving my loved ones something useful but unique to them. It may be a massage, a session with a healer, or a book that will speak to something they are going through at the time. I personally hope to get a beginner paint set so I can start painting again. It’s so therapeutic, and a wonderful way for me to express my creativity without any pressure on an end goal.”

Paint Set, $21

Digital language program

“I’d like French lessons. It would inspire me to actually do what I’ve been wanting to do for years now.”

Rosetta Stone, prices vary

Alex Toussaint, Peloton cycling instructor

Deep muscle treatment

“The gift I’m giving my loved ones this year is a Theragun. I feel that everyone could do a better job at self-care — especially myofascial release — and the Theragun is the perfect tool to take on the go!”

Theragun G3PRO, $599.00


 “I’m hoping to receive the new Powerbeats Pro headphones this holiday. As someone who spends the majority of their day working out, having quality wireless headphones is key!”

Powerbeats Pro, $249.95

Karolina Kurkova, model and founder of Gryph & IvyRose

I try to tailor my gifts around the holidays according to the person. I spend a lot of time thinking about what each person would want that they would not think of getting themselves.  For some, it’s gift certificates to their favorite spin or yoga class, for others it’s a candle or essential oils.”

Cooking classes

“I love cooking, and am always looking for new recipes. I’m thinking about gifting cooking lessons with a local chef.” 

Sur la Table Cooking Classes, prices vary

Flower of the month

“Another idea I had was to send a flower or plant of the month. There are now companies who will send new flowers/plants monthly for up to a year. I find that always makes people smile, receiving something new and beautiful to display in their homes.”

BloomsyBox, prices start at $39/month

Laura Kasperzak, celebrity yoga teacher

At-home massager

“I absolutely love the Homedics Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager. One of the best gifts I ever got and would love to give that to some of my friends this year.”

Homedics Massager, $39.99

Dale Moss, N.F.L. athlete, Special Olympics Global Ambassador

Spa treatment

“A simple spa treatment, in my opinion, is something that is a winner every time. People rarely take time for their own self-care, so it’s definitely appreciated when you put some thought into helping them unwind. Also, it can be intimidating for some men to go out and purchase some services themselves — it was for me early on — so it takes the stress and guesswork out of the equation when it’s a gift. Then a friend or significant other can fully enjoy the experience and try something new.”

 Zeel Massage, prices vary.

Chris and Heidi Powell, trainers and founders of the Transform app

Water jugs

Heidi: “We are going to be gifing Yeti half-gallon water jugs. Without a doubt, most of our loved ones aren’t drinking enough water every day. Hopefully, this will be the best accessory to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle by reminding them to drink more water!  I would love a half-gallon Yeti too. I’ve been buying them for everyone else, but I haven’t had the guts to splurge on myself yet! Chris has the full gallon and lives and dies by it. The half-gallon is the perfect size.”

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug, $99

Mountain bikes

Chris: “I am really hoping that Santa is going to get us mountain bikes for Christmas. It will be such a great motivator to get outside and connect as a family while enjoying the outdoors.”

REI Co-Op Cycles Mountain Bike, prices vary

Nicole Lapin, author of Becoming Superwoman

“I have been trying to expect less of others and more of myself, so I’m on my own list — for the first time — this year, and getting myself a ticket to Outstanding in the Field.”

Self-care package and a great flannel shirt

“I’m putting together a little self-care package for my lady squad that will include a gift certificate for a massage, a comfy Grayson flannel shirt, The Super Woman Journal, and a water bottle that has a fun message.”

Grayson flannel shirt, $158

Bethany C. Meyers, founder + CEO of @thebecomeproject

“I absolutely love gift-giving — call it one of my love languages — so I look forward each year to tailoring gifts to match the receiver.”

At-home facial

“I’m most excited this year to give a facial tool from Wildling Beauty design to lift, plump, and most importantly, release tight muscles in the face. This ancient technique is called gua sha, and it has saved my jaw, which I tend to clench way too often. So I’m giving this to my most stressed friends.”

Wildling Empress Collection, $129

Workout accessories

“I’m also shamelessly gifting subscriptions to the be.come project, because mindful movement without the pressures of weight loss is incredibly healing. To make it extra special, I’m including a pair of my favorite grip socks by ToeSox, which keep sweaty feet from slipping, and a bottle of Lumion Skin Spray, which is super natural and cleans face on contact — so it’s perfect after a workout.”

ToeSox, starting at $14

Emma Lovewell, Peloton cycling instructor

A calming candle

“The White Tea & Thyme Candle is the perfect subtle, relaxing scent. I love giving this as a gift because most people love candles, but they don’t often want to spend the money buying them for themselves.”

White Tea & Thyme Candle, $50.00

Peppermint aromatherapy roller

“I love giving this Saje Peppermint Halo roll-on as a gift. It’s small, so can easily fit in your bag/purse, and works wonders when you have a headache, or just need a little pick me up throughout the day. It smells and feels amazing.”

Saje Peppermint Halo, $28

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