shirts with magnetic buttons

January 2019 is here and this is the best time to send gifts to your loved ones especially those in retirement and aged homes. They need you and so we have compiled a list of gifts for Parkinson’s patients because as you all know by now, I work at a hospice cum retirement home where we take care of people with Parkinson’s.

Now the thing with PD is that the patients are always suffering silently and wondering what wrong thing they did to God so as to get such a bad disease as Parkinson’s. Because, lets face it. The disease indeed does suck and feel yourself hating all the time. You are at most times wondering how to get out of it. In this post therefore, I will be looking at the best gifts for Parkinson’s patients.

Dinner ware for easy eating

Pd patients have trouble eating and drinking because of the consistent tremors. So they will find that they are unable to eat with ease and will often require some nice spoons and cups that somehow counteract their tremors and in this way, they are able to eat with ease.

Writing aid for disabled

There are some special weighted pens for tremors as well as pencils that help the students with writing without having to worry about the tremors that they are facing. Some of these special pens can be used by PD patients. People with arthritis, stroke or ALS will also find them of great importance

Shirts with magnetic buttons

Buttoning up for PD patients is a hard nut to crack. They have to fumble around and feel frustrated. At most times, they will have to call up a caregiver to help them in the task. Therefore, you can get them the magnetic buttons to fit on their shirts or just shirts already fitted with the magnetic buttons such as the magna click and the magnaready shirts.


  • Trizah Wanja

    Trizah Wanja, Caregiver

    Trizah Wanja works as a palliative caregiver at a missionary hospice in Kenya where she is responsible for taking care of cancer and Parkinson's patients by encouraging them emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She brings over 9 years of experience into hosiped.