Give before you ask, this is not only for me but for everybody. Anytime that you are asking someone for something. Ask yourself have you given to them. First, have you given them 10 times, before asking something from them?

I see many people asked about help, support, help them with share their work, and so on. Every day please sir Ayuel help, help I want your support, I want these and all this. My questions for you, why should I help you, why should I give you all this free stuff and take my time to do that for you?

If you haven’t provided anything to me, why? So listen if you really want someone to help you, first of all, make sure that you’ve given to them. Whether that’s engaging with their post, whether that’s offering to be of service in the Dm, whether that is through providing valuable content. right you always have to give someone before you ask. Because no one wants to help a beggar and that’s all you really are.

If you go and ask just people for free stuff, don’t be a beggar, don’t go and ask crowds for things that you haven’t given them first and always ask yourself before you go out or reach them out and request something, have I given to this person ten times or more first and that’s going to help you in every step of your own life. Not just in relationships, social media platforms, or communication. It’s going to make you so much better in every step of your life. If you always give before you ask.